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Crap! More either/or political bullshit! Wet line, turn off Rush and Glen and start thinking for yourself. Don't let some right wing or left wing cheese dick tell you how to think and what to say. Hating the other half of Americans just because they are not in your political party is the biggest stupidity of all. We are a two party system-at least temporarily-but once we lose that we'll be no different than Iran, North Korea, Nazi Germany, etc.

If the Republicans are the party of "NO!!" and the Democrats the party of "YES!!" then we need anther party. The "LETS TALK ABOUT IT" party. A party of Americans interested in becoming a United States again that eschews party rancor and divisiveness in favor of working together for a common good. I believe most Americans want such a government since what we have now is totally dysfunctional. Regrettably the very most polarized group has ended up in Congress or on the Supreme Court and they hold our future in their incompetent little hands.

I won't be around long enough to see how this all plays out but I would think that some of you younger guys who have children and grandchildren would want something better for them long term than party line hate mongering. You teach your children to play nice and get along together, why the hell is that lesson so difficult for adults?


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Awwww, C'mon people. Give wet line a break. It says right under his moniker that he is a "senior member." I'll bet he was just having a "senior moment" when he posted!:rofl:
From what I've read here here, they are not not attacking wetline or his opinions, so much as how he's arrived at them. I have to go along with the well researched, non partisan camp on this one, that's why I'm a registered Demmican (or was it Republlicat?) I can't remember any more.


"Chasing Riseforms"
There is no reason to close this thread. Politics and politicians are important to our fishing resources. Let it ROLL!! Thank you. If you are not interested, then don't read anymore.

Mike T

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I would hope that we're all smart enough to have a hierarchy of importance when we we vote for our elected leaders and not just look at the R or D behind their names. For the vast majority of voters policies governing taxation, social policy, defense spending, etc are , perhaps rightly, at the top of the order.

Until people begin to look at how the above noted policies affect their natural surroundings, or give habitat and species related issues greater importance when selecting a candidate this will continue to be a poorly performing segment of our government and get the shaft in budget negotiations and in naming the head of agencies.

I believe neither party gives a rip about the survival of native species. So it's up to us to find a way to make them care, that's the challenge. It will take money and votes. Sportsmen are a small segment of the population of WA. Those who care about native species are an even smaller segment of the community. How do we compete with all the interests allied against us?

Politics and political gamesmanship is a key component in the health of our fisheries and so I hope this thread remains open and the discussion remains civil.

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
I lived on the east coast. There is some fantastic fishing for a variety of species there. They also have trout hatcheries. I am just straight up confused by wet lines perspective. The rocky mountains are a "destination" due as much to the scenery and population density as the trout. Thre are some fantastic trout in the Catskills and adirondacks etc. There are more species to fish for in New York than one can imagine, from steelhead to muskies, smallmouth, gar, trout, carp, bass, pike. In fact, I would say the fishing is better than in Montana if you like more than just trout. This is possibly the single stupidest beginning to a thread I ave ever seen. The lack of logic and reason is astounding.

Go Red Sox,


Indi "Ira" Jones
Thanks smole.

By the way I'm ready to join the LTAI party (Lets Talk About It), in fact I think we as a nation are riper than ever for a legitimate mainstream third party to take prominance. Maybe the TAI Talk About It party, the TIO party Talk it Out, the TLBPJ party Think Logically Before Passing Judgement, CEATOFMSTDTBCFA Party, Critically examine all the options from multiple sides to determine the best course for action.

Come on folks lets tea party this sucker and come up with a new political party that we can take the nation by storm with. Maybe we can get Sarah to speak at one of our meetings.

Who should be our spokesperson? Right now I like Mumbles approach the most.

You've all had your fun. So let me clarify something! I said Conservative!!! That doses not reffer to any party but rather an ideal. There are conservative Dems, of which I am one, and there are liberal Reps!

DNR, of which a lot of you are up in arms about, and include me, has a function to make money for the state with state holdings. They mangage timber holdings to make money for the schools primarily. They also manage grazing lands in eastern WA. to make money for the state. Do you see a pattern here?

DNR is out to make money. That means that commercial interest are going to be the dictate. Our fisheries are managed by maximum sustainable harvest. WDFW has made some inroads on this in the past few years. However DNR is not going to go along with these inroads. If I were to make a wager I would lay money on comercial fishermen backing the shit out of this idea!!

Trout in most of our lakes have been introduced and have little economic value. The question that will be asked is what is the states return for dollars spent. There is very little commercial value in stocking trout that can be proven. There is a lot of subjective proof but not real hard numbers.

I am sure I have a different perspective from most on this forum. For 26 years I have owned a small business that I have made a living from. I have watched every time the state or local gov. get in a money bind the raising of fees and taxes. In turn this results in higher insurance and bond costs. In turn this forces a rise in my prices, or cost to consumer. This in turn results in lower sales. Most definately I belive in conservatism and I really don't give a damn about what party a person is affiliated with. I want conservatives regardless of party affiliation.

Steelhead have very little commercial value to the state. Yes you can plug in subjective retail benefits but those are not hard numbers.

You are all entittle to your beliefs and I will alway respect that. But I would like any of you to show me what the State of WA has done to improve the debacle in our rivers. They have ruled this state for over 20 years and the native numbers keep going down hill. This is not about parties particularly. It is about the politicians that have done nothing regardless of party affliliation. And we keep electing them by there supposed party affiliation. I don't care if they are from the Blue Mongoose party as long as they are dedicated to doing what is needed to restore what we have lost. Party affiliation, ie.. dem or rep, has little to do with it.


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