Scadden Big Horn Drifter 13' Two-Man Pontoon Boat

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Ed Call

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That is a great looking two man boat right there. Good luck moving it along and congrats to whomevery ponys up the $$ for that boat.
I've been receiving lots of email requests asking about the "extras" the boat comes with. I'll list them here to make it easier on folks wishing to inquire:

  1. Front Casting Platform
  2. Middle Casting Platform (for rower)
  3. Rear Deck (for ice chest)
  4. 8' Caviness Breakdown Aluminum Oars
  5. Brass Oar Locks
  6. Oar Rights
  7. Rod Holder Storage Bags (four of these)
  8. Front Stripping Basket/Beverage Holder
  9. Complete Anchor System with Rope
  10. Anchors (two - one 25lb pyramid style and one 17.5lb cylinder/spike style)
  11. GINK Holder
  12. Foam Fly Patch
  13. Bottle Opener
  14. Two-Way Pump with Extra Valve Attachments
  15. Patch Kit
  16. Long-Handled Measure Net
  17. Tie-Down Straps for Trailering, Car-Top or Pickup Bed use (three)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or via email. Thanks!
I've received a few more questions about the boat. I'll answer here so I don't need to return all the emails.

The tubes are in pristine shape. Absolutely no holes, patches or leaks. There aren't even many marks on them. They don't look much different than the day they left the factory. They have grey bottoms and track extremely straight.

The boat is very easy to row. It is super-maneuverable, and it only takes two well-placed strokes of the oars to get all the way across the Yakima River (in the canyon). It drafts just a few inches and can be navigated through some awfully skinny water. This also makes it easy to stay well inside on those sweepers we all know and love.

The casting platform sits about 1' above water line when the boat is fully loaded. This means the guy in the front fishing is well above the water and able to see/spot rises very well...better than if in a drift boat.

Hope this helps. Any more questions, please let me know.
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