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Ed Call

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Justin, forgot to report that I got the cassette reel system, SWEET. I think this will be a cool and flexible piece of gear for sure. If you happen upon any spare cassettes please let me know. Hope the move is going/has gone smoothly.
Nano Ti Rod Series

Hi Everyone,

Just got settled in with my inventory at the new place. So back to working 24hours a day again :thumb:

Here is my final design on the Nano Ti Series.
1. Reel Seat - Gold Anodised AL. The font will be smaller on "Allen"
2. Guides - Snake Guides **** I might change to single foot guides to reduce the weight. Seems its 50/50 on what people like.
3. The logo size will be reduced.

The rod weight is 2.65 oz in the 5wt. I have made a limited production run that will be ready soon of 5pcs of each weight. I also have Blanks for rod builders aswell.

Sizes - 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt (all 9', 4pc rods)



Retail: Don't know yet. (Those that have fished my demo rods throughout the last several months say it compairs to all the high end rods from other mfgs)

Washingtonflyfishing - $180.00 (This comes with a Tube and Sock)


Washingtionflyfishing - $90.00 (This includes an extra tip)

Warranty - Same as my reels. If it needs fixed, I'll fix it. If I can't, I'll replace it.

Please PM me if you have any quesitons or Interested in getting one of the first's

Thanks Everyone,

Man - they look really nice.

Are there also plans for other types of rods or will they be all 9'? Do the 9wt's also have a cigar shaped grip?

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