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Allen Fly Fishing - Product Discounts (Updated 3/3/10)

Thanks, Mark....I didn't see your reply until today, 3/18/10 - so had Anil fix 'em for me.

Thanks again & tight lines,



Allen Fly Fishing
Added 3/30/10, Cassette 5/6 Fly Reel ....... $80.00, Not listed on my website yet

Please PM me if interested....

I added a Cassette Fly Reel today. You get 2 extra spar spools and a reel case (see photo). The spools are made of polycard plastic (one of the toughest materials to be molded). The spools fit very tight inside the frame.

The drag is the same as my Alpha Series reel. Very dependable and a good value. The price is $80 plus shipping.


Spool Depth: .482"
Spool Width: 1.06"
Spool DIA: 3.54"
Reel DIA; 3.82"
Weight: 6.72oz

i have a question about the fly boxes, i want one for steelhead flies. ill probably get one for nymphing and one for swinging but i dont know much about the fly boxes. its says theres the waterproof one, option 2, and option 3. what do they all look like and whats different about them and what. also have a question and would like some more details about some other things. it would be great if you could email me at


Ed Call

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Justin, what is the weight on that cassette reel with a cassette inserted. Do you sell additional cassettes? I've never had a cassette reel, know you are working on machining some aluminum cassettes too, I'm intrigued! Looks hella light with all that porting.


Allen Fly Fishing
The weight with a cassette spool in the reel is 6.72 oz. Yes, I'm thinking of getting some alumium cassettes made here soon. Not sure on the price of the cassette by itself, but it wont be much at all. I'll post later when I finalize the spar spool cost.


Allen Fly Fishing

Time for flies now. These flies are tied on my hooks. They are $7.00 dozen. I have 88 doz and more on the way If someone wants all 88 dozen. I'll discount to $425.00. Thank thats a savings around $191.00

There are (2) dozen each size. The ones in bold have (4) dozen in stock.

1. Elkhair Caddies - Yellow #12, 14, 16, 18
2. Elkhair Caddies - Tan #12, 14, 16
3. Elkhair Caddies - Peacock #12, 14, 16, 18
4. Elkhair Caddies - Olive #12, 14, 16, 18
5. Grifiths Gnat # 16, 18
6. Parachute Blue Wing Olive #14, 16, 18, 20, 22
7. Parachute Adams #12, 14, 16
8. Irresistable Adams #12, 14, 16, 18
9. Female Adams #10, 12, 14, 16
10. Foam Emergers Adams #12, 14, 16, 18, 20
11. Super Egg #4, 6, 8

If interested, please send me a PM

Thanks everyone


Allen Fly Fishing
Hi Everyone, I had to get some reels made to replace Brians reels. I have a few more that I would like to discount

$60 each

Alpha 5/6 - $60 (5pc in stock)
Alpha 7/8 - SOLD
Alpha 9/10 - $70 (1pc in stock)

Thanks Everone

Justin 'Allen"
Hey Justin,
How would the Alpha reels handle a spey/switch rod set up for both salt and fresh water where maximum drag use may be needed? Thanks.
Hey Justin,
Got the reel today. Looks and feels great! I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice 3wt line in the box with the reel. Thank you so much! Ill def be back for some more in the near future. I appreciate the fast delivery and great customer service. Keep up the great work! Thanks again!

Mike T

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Allen Fly Fishing - Product Discounts (Updated 3/3/10)

Thanks, Mark....I didn't see your reply until today, 3/18/10 - so had Anil fix 'em for me.

Thanks again & tight lines,

Thank goodness that Anil was there with his brick and mortar store to help you in your hour of need! Imagine what would have happened had he not had the initiative to open a fly shop.


Allen Fly Fishing
Hi Everyone, I just recevied my new vest. One size can fit all. It has an adjustable shoulder and waist strap.

I dont have these listed on my site yet. I wanted to discount them on the board first. $37 includes shipping.

Contact me if interested. The only thing that is not included the the ripple foam for the fly box.

Thanks again,

Justin "Allen"
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