Pattern a little help - blue patterns

I'm needing to use a fly in a photo. Specifically I'm looking for a fly that uses blue, sort of the royal/kingfisher blue. So I'm thinking that salmon/steelhead patterns are where I'm going to find that.

I need the pattern to be fairly compact, so the MOALs and stinger-hook 4 inch patterns are probably ruled out. And my skills are NOT up to tying a fancy atlantic salmon pattern!

Ideally I'd like to find something like the skunk or traditional hair-wing kind of pattern that has a body, wing, and some hackle up front..something like that. I could make something up, like just swapping blue in for hackle on a mostly black pattern. The fly doesn't need to be all-blue!! Just a solid dose of it somewhere fairly visible. IOW, a blue body that is mostly covered by hackle or 'bou wouldn't work as well.

If someone knows of or can think of a pattern that's not too crazy to tie but uses some amount of blue, I'd appreciate hearing about it. I've got some dyed guinea and some schlappen/hackle in that color. I've got some ice dubbing in that blue, and some more royal-traditional blue wire as well. (The only marabou I have is more of sky/ice blue...)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. a reasonably large trout pattern would be fine too, or I guess just about anything--bass, etc.
Tie a simple marabou spider w/ a kingfisher blue schlappen collar. Tie black marabou in by the tip, palmer it up the hook shank stroking back the fibers. Tie it off. Tie in some schlappen, fold and take 2-3 turns around the hook shank. You can substitute blue marabou for the schlappen if you like. It's likely the easiest tie there is. Far easier than a hairwing and much more effective IMHO.
Big T,

Thanks for the reply. I'll look into spiders. I should point out that the photo has nothing to do with fishing, for better or for worse. IOW, effectiveness isn't in the equation. But i like the easier to tie part!

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