Fiberglass creek rod

I too picked up an Eagle Claw Featherlight 8' yesterday and would love to also have the Cabela's 50th Anniversary glass rod. I hear nothing but good things about them.
I picked up a Cabela's 50th Anniversary glass rod (7', 4/5wt) on the recommendation of someone on this forum. I've only used it a few times, but the detail on the rod itself is really nicely done and I thought it fished great. My first small-stream fish on it was an 18" cutt in tight quarters with branches, roots, and undercut banks, and the rod had enough backbone to keep it in play until I could net and release it. It is the first fiberglass rod I've cast in many years, however, so I can't really compare it. At $99, however, the price is right.

I've got a little Abercrombie & Fitch Banty 44 (out of Phillipson) with a Hardy Flyweight reel that was built back in 1962-4. I can't recall the year off the top of my head. Its a neat little rod and reel. Casts nicely. I can easily shoot line 60 feet and beyond once I get used to casting it. The casting stroke is a bit different from what I am used to. Up close and in tight spaces, the rod is deadly. It is really made for fishing in close in tight spaces. When I first saw the set, I thought it was a small scale rod for a child. Later, I learned what a fine fishing tool it really is. The folks at Phillipson knew how to make a nice rod for sure. I've only fished this rod one time because I tend to take my newer rods out on the water and usually forget to take the Banty along. The whole kit fits into such a small space, I could easily pack it in my backpack on a weekend trip. My 5 year old son enjoyed fishing with the rod on one occassion as well. Of course, he said he liked it because it was little. When I bought him a new graphite rod he said he, "Liked it too because it was blue." He has an interesting way of reviewing the finer points of a fly rod.

A 5 year old with a 50 year old fly rod.


fish'n glass
I'm fortunate that my little guy takes very good care of things. His 16 year old brother is another story.
that's funny. my youngest son never looses a pocketknife, can un-snag an errant fly, and keeps his 5pc berkley parametric spin/fly combo in the tube i made for it at all times. his older brother (twice his size) breaks and looses everything, and is sincerely sorry for the mishaps. has a very short attention span. sure is crazy how different kids can be. i love 'em both, but i sure enjoy seeing the one taking care of his things,
I recently purchased a HARDY glass rod, Model "the brook". It is 6 feet long for a 3 weight line. It is soooooo sweet!!
Beautifully made and packaged. Absolutely a hoot to use on a small creek. Casts effortlessly with just a couple of inches of line off the tip. I use DT line.
Price was $300+. CHeaper than a Scott glass ($500+) and better I think after trying both. For whatever its worth. Jackd