North End of Lake

If ya have ever seen the boat launch at GeneCoulon during a sockey season, that is what the North end of the lake looks like now thru may. the fish are actually herded by a floatilla of pontoon boats and tubes on one side and waders on the other, quite a site to see, i gotta admit.


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Chiros in black, red in all sizez 12-18. You could bring a bunch of other colors, but these have been by far my two best. Some snowcones as well.

Lenore, madness.
I remember the good ole days when you could not find a place to park or a rock to stand on for 5 miles from the "north end"
I go fish some where quiet, where I can hear the birds sing, rooster pheasant crow, and the sound of big fish splashing on the end of my line.


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Trust me Lab, it is more than possible at Lenore to crank out those numbers with those fish. They are freakishly schooly and if you are on that school your fly sometimes does not have time to reach the bottom. Your indicator lands and goes under all in one nice little motion.

ChiroMadness, I believe you and when you are on them it can just be plain stupid and silly. The funny thing is I've been there when I've done the same thing and watched other guys fish all day and not land a thing.

More on a separate post.

Ira speaks the truth. I personally observed he and his friend observe "Bob" catch a fish every cast for a solid hour+. I might as well fess up that I too was on the observing end for much of that day -- but then started my come back late in the 3rd quarter :)

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