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Hey guys and gals I need some help with my buddy Sage. He is a floppy eared liver and white hunting fool with chronic ear infections all yeast. Anyone have some good advice, Thanks.
trim hair off the insides of his ears the best you can (harder for moisture to collect) take him to the vet to procure the proper ear cleaners and check to make sure it isn't worse than you think. and just keep his ears clean and DRY. once you get the yeast infection/ dirty ears to a manageable level, clean him once a week.

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There is some drops out there that I used to use on my springers...keeps their ears dry. There's also a ointment the vet can give you. But keeping them trimmed is half the battle.
I agree with he above posts. Drops for the infection, and keeping the hair on the underside of their ear trimmed short works really well. I have also used peroxide and cotton swabs for cleaning off any waxy buildup around the ear canal, and for cleaning any scratches she may have caused from kicking herself in the head. I don't know if this works or not, but I also take her to a grassy field and let her run a lot after cutting her ear hair. With her ears flopping up and down so much, thats got to air them out. Not sure if it actually works or its just my imagination.


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Have same problem with my dog. Try tea tree oil. A few drops in each ear. Can get it an an pharmacy next to vitamins
1st off do not put ANYTHING in the ears! saline is ok for just cleaning the ears, but if the tympanic membrane is compromised you can cause serious damage.

clipping hair will help. if there is yeast you probably have a secondary bacteria infection as well. best to see vet 1st and have a cytology done to see what is brewing in there. get a prescription and follow the instructions. After that get a ear cleaning solution FROM THE VET! and clear as mentioned before at least 1-2 per week. or when ever you are done with the dog after being in the water!

If ear drum is damaged you can cause deafness, imbalance, nausea, vomiting, DEATH in the worst case, or other problems! I have seem some sevre cases where people put cleaners in the ear when it was damaged and almost killed their pet!

I am a LVT and work at a emergency clinic with small animals.

PM me if you have more questions!


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Warmonger good point!
Neglected to mention tea tree oil recommended by vet. And yes only in outer ear after rinsing with Vet issued cleaning solution.
I had a lab with chronic ear infections. There are some things you can do that will manage the situation. I can't say that your dog will not ever have another infection, but these things dramatically improved my dog's ears. The solutions the vet provided were minimally successful at best other than having her ears deep cleaned while under anesthesia.
1) Put your dog on a hypoallergenic diet. Food allergies are pretty common and lead to your dog being more susceptible to ear infections. I recommend California Natural. It has a very short ingredient list and eliminates all the really common allergens.
2) Make up a batch of the purple ear solution and use it regularly. It really works!! http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/ears.html
3) anytime your dog is in the water or as wet ears- dry them out with a towel as soon as possible!
Here is a link to a homemade wash that has been very effective for us and our English Lab LINK

When I first found the link several years ago the document was a folksy new-agey couple of pages. It is now 12 pages and looks like some lawyers have left their droppings there.

So, like others I'd suggest working with your vet to make sure the eardrum is intact and all that stuff. But for us, this stuff did the job almost overnight when everything else had failed.




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I have a Goldendoodle that had awful ears. I take him to a Vet that starts the natural path way and then will go towards western medicine. The solution was simple and very effective. Yes trim ear hair. Clean the inside of the ear you see with a cleaner(vet solutions ear cleansing solution ) and use these drops(down in the ear Maxi/Guard Zn 4.5 Otic - this is a natural ear care solution delivering complexed zinc), Amazing stuff. We got him at one and the previous owners failes to see that his ears were real bad and within a few weeks this cleared it up. If it comes back a few drops a couple days and fixed.

stewart dee

Thanks for all the help. I made some decisions and have found that CITY WATER has been the devil. My little buddy has been on fresh deep well- filtered water for a month now and is so much better now. It is nice to have my boy back again, hard to believe the high chlorine and fluoride levels in much of our water. I have plumbed in a whole house filtration system that is fairly easy and straight forward and this has helped with everything in the house.


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Had the same issue with my lab..over and over. Was in the vet every few months. Changed vets and with the new vet's suggestions, never had another ear issue. Mercy Vet on Mercer Island suggested a pea-sized amount of boric acid. It is in powder form and sold at drug stores. It is a preventative and keeps the ears dry. Once the ear infection has set in, it will not help. The prevention route has worked excellent. We drop the powder down in his ears each time he gets wet and then periodically for maintenance. I have turned other dog owners on to this approach and they swear by it. DVM Jackie Obando was the vet we've seen at Mercy Vet.

stewart dee

Nice idea for a day at the beach since I have tried all different kinds of hippie remedies and even purified water with silver extract, thanks. The water change made everything 100% for my dog.