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Jerry Daschofsky

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Just logged in, found a link and thought I'd check it out. Thought I'd tell you a bit about myself.

I'm 32, ben fishing since I was 3. Started salmon/stelhead fishing when I was 7. I use a variety of gear, it really depends on my mood on wha rod I'l take off the rack. I use everthing from hardware all the way up to spey rods. I an, but rarely do, build my own rods. I do stil tie my own flies, jigs, an build my own spiners and rags. I mostly fish the South Puget Sound Rivers and the South/West OlyPen rivers. I am a very hardcore fisherman, andI will ONLY fish a handful of rivers religiously. I don't run t the hot river for the day. When I fis, I fish what I call "my rivers". I've been doing alot more flyfishing the past couple years. I've actually went and sold off alot o my misc. gear. I sold off all my saltwater gear except anything sentimental. Ii'm also selling of aot of the rods I realy don't use anymore. Heck, I had wel over 60 rod/rels. I have a rod for every circumstance. Now I have downsized to my nice and sentimental rods and have most of my other rods cleared out. Down to abouu 25-30 now, LOL. I

I am an avid catarafter. Been using them since the late 80's, mostly in the hitewater realm. I converted over my 16' into adriftboat a few years back. Had to decide on which boats I could keep. So, have a 16' cataraft (2 frames, one whitewater and one fishing) and a 14' 2 man jetsled. Looking at building a 12 1/2 man cataraft after feb/march oof this year. 16' is great for 3/4 fisherman, but way to much boat to ish out of if you only have 2 people.

Look forward to being on this BB.


You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts.
Hey Jerry.. i am also new to this board, i live in Puayllup, WA and fish teh carbon and humptulips river, im 20 and just started steelhead fishing, but fished for salmon both ocean and river since i was about 10 i own one poll and one reel, (lamiglas cert. pro 8'6, and shimano curado 201) and i plan to take up fly fishing in the near future..

What rivers do you fish most often.... maybe i'll see you out on the water one day


Oh btw i just sent you an email about hte corkies/cheaters..

Jerry Daschofsky

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Hey Casey. I live up in NE Ttacoma. I primarily fish the Chehalis system (Chehalis, Hump, Nooch, Sop) and West side OP (Quileyette sytem, Hoh, Upper Quinault) and a few misc. rivers and zipperlips along the way. Iif I have the rom you're more then welcome to come along. Just finding the open seat is the hard part LOL. Ii'll probably be doing a float on the Hoh or Duc in next couple weeks. Do you tie your own flies? I can help you out and show you how to tie up a few patterns. Plus will help youu tie jigs too.

Got your email. Sorry I didn't respond, got lamblasted with offers and couldn't keep up. They went for $70.

You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts.

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I met up with you one time at a Seattle Fishing Show. If your only 32, I'll eat my hat. You gave me some rabbit cut deer fur. To this day I never have used it. Couldn't or didn't want to use it on any flies.

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