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First, I wanted to point out that for the sake of clarity I've dropped the "nrv4" and now I'm just Mike. "nrv" was the abbreviation for New River Valley which was the part of Virginia I lived in for most of my life, but it seemed to suggest to some members something like "nervous."
So, I'm not trying to throw anyone a curve...:7

But, I digress...I was just reading some updated posts and saw the words "Rate This User" next to the little "posts counter" just under the name as it appears on the header of the post.

I don't kow if I've just missed this all along or if this is a new feature. If it's new, it should be interesting. If I've missed it all along, I can't wait to catch up and also wonder if I can view my feedback (if any). ;)

Just curious...

I always thought your handle meant that you were sort of cheeky, that is nervy, and hard to deal with if pissed.
Glad to see you take a more gently pose.
:thumb How do you work the rating system? Surely I should be given a point.
Bob, the Most Gentle of Lambs:smokin


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How come I cant rate Old Man?? I really wanted to rate him but there is no option to rate on his handle!!! dang this website!!!

BTW: did you know Old Man is cheating on everyone?? Ya thats right, he has been sleeping with the enemy. BAD Jim!! :p :p :p :p }( }( }( }(

~Patrick ><>

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What enemy? the only enemy I have is the fish and they are all laughing at me. But wait I do have another enemy,it is trying to decide if I really want to make the switch to spey rods. I mean why spend all that money just to cast line a long distance. I don't think that it will increase my catching any more. Besides after you buy one you have to learn all of the new talk. I think that I'm too old to try to learn something new. I feel that I just have to vent a little.So I think that I might have to start a new thread on the +'s and -'s on spey rod fishing.


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Rate this...

Well, your rating seems to work just fine...heh-heh.

Sleeping with the enemy...hmmm, just what does that mean? Does Jim visit another site? Or is he using bait?

:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek


Good things come to those who sleep with enemys...

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I don't know anything about spey-casting, but from a mathematical/energy-conservation standpoint I would conclude this:

If you can cast twice as far with a spey rod, you'll only have to cast half as often in a given period of time. A 50% savings in energy expended.

Or, there is the potential that twice as many of the fish you don't catch will see your offering in the same amount of time you currently expend.

Or, you can offer your fly to the same theoretical number of fish in half the time.

Therefore, in the time you save you can get a part-time job, probably as an AM radio talkshow host, and pay for the spey rod and related equipment.

Or, you can entertain twice as many fish as you do currently.

Therefore, my conclusion is that 1/2 the time minus the calories not expended x twice the distance x twice the fish entertained x your current income x 25%, minus what you spend on spey-rodding set-up equals pi(es) squared x cinnamon rolls divided by your cholesterol.

Does that clear it up for you? :rofl:rofl:rofl

Glad to help. Sometimes you just have to be logical and base these decisions strictly on the cold, hard facts.

Mike, the Keenly Analytical :thumb

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I really like the way you put it. It really cleared things up,like a mud puddle. It all seem to fit. But leave off the cinnamon rolls as that is something this fat old man doesn't need. But being that I'm retired does this throw your numbers off?

Rate this...

Geezus Jim,

I've been trying to convince you for a year. It's time for you to crap or get off the pot. I love ya Jim.


"Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell


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Rate this...

This must be selective rating, kind of like selective breeding I guess??? A minute ago I wasnt able to be rated, and now im rated??
~Patrick ><>

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