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My nephew is visiting me and his grandfather. A real city boy, but I don't hold that against him.:)

Anyways - poor lad has never gone fishing. Imagine that, just turned 11 and as never dropped a hook in the water. Any suggestions for warm water fishing so this young one can experience a little success? I am located near Lyle. I usually fly-fish the Klick or some of the fisheries up in Gifford NF. I was thinking perch but I am not sure being this time of year and not having done any perch or bass fishing in this area myself, although I spent about 9 months fishing for bass down at Caddo Lake (Texas) last year.

Any help would be appreciated.
How far are you willing to travel?

Close to you, as far as I recollect, you are pretty short on stillwater that opens before the end of April. Then you could hit either Spearfish or Horsethief and probably have a pretty good time of it.

Now take this next part for what it's worth because it's been longer ago than I care to remember since I last fished where I'm going to suggest you go and access may have changed some or a lot. We used to do really well fishing the Columbia along the north bank between the launch behind Horsethief and the bridge at Biggs Jct. You'll have the best time of it if you have a boat but there are several places where you have some bank access or at least there used to be.

Good luck, maybe someone else will have a better idea for you.


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Thanks for the information. I know Horsethief but not Spearfish. I will keep them both in mind for the future. My father has fished the Columbia from the access at Horsethief. I would be willing to drive up to about 1 1/2 hours one way. I was thinking of maybe heading over to where some of the creeks empty into the Columbia east of 97. Like Rock, Pine, Alder Creeks, etc...... I know things are fairly limited, but I thought I would throw up a post and see.

Many thanks.
Kids don't care what kind of fish they catch or how big it is. Just make sure there is action.
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It's the whole outing that counts, not just catching the fish.
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