Swap Puget Sound Face to Face Fly Swap and Casting Gathering

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Kelvin, I haven't figured out my food contribution yet but I'll tie 15 of my favorite Williams Point sand lances or maybe more. thats what we need right. I realized that no one had said what they were tying so I thought I'd be first. Ii'll do it as a regular fly not a tube as I'm not set up for that yet.

Craig Schulz

Midwest transplant, but taking root nicely....
I'll be tying up a new color combination to a local fly the SRB, I sent Mumbles a few for the charity auction last December, been fishing it pretty hard lately with very good success! I'll have to get mine to you Steve as I will be out of town that day, figures but you have to pay the bills right! PM me a address and I will get them to you in advance.


Ed Call

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Those flies were nice. I've replicated a couple of the color combinations for my own use but have not gotten a chance to get them wet yet.
Nice tie, Kelvin, as always. I'm still playing around with a variety of Mini-cievers in various colors. They are great flies in all colors so I plan on making up a bunch so everyone can choose their color. Looks like we could have a really good turn-out providing the weather gets good.


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The date to gathering is approaching quickly...

I was wondering if anyone is willing to demo their favorite or tying technique?
casting demo? What you got?
Mumbles is demoing two hand casting
I will be doing a flat wing baitfish pattern demo
Leland Miyawaki will be doing two hand casting in the evening .

What you want to share with the community?
Don’t be shy.

Ed Call

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Mumbles is not talented enough to demonstrate two handed casting...I will, however, be happy to demonstrate the two handed overhead casting technique that I have been using for fishing a switch rod from the beach. Leland can do this type of casting and of course real two handed casting exponentially better than me. For anyone who has not tried a switch rod from the beach, I'll have one or to on hand. Maybe others will bring theirs to let people give them a waggle, water haul and launch. I'm looking forward to seeing/meeting the group.
Mumbles is far too humble. We will look forward to the event. It's now just under two weeks away and I'm hoping the weather warms up a bit between now and then. Nevertheless, here is the easy way to get to the event: I googled the neighbor's house that is on the main drag as our place is not visible from there. The address is 8604 East Side Dr NE, Tacoma, WA 98422. Never mind the fact that google has the street name incorrect but input it as I show. I tried it from Federal Way and Tacoma and got to the same , correct place. Follow the directions from Tacoma if you are coming from the South or West.

If you are coming from the North or East, get off the 320th St Exit in Federal Way, follow it West to the end, and then turn right on 47th Ave SW (Hoyt Rd). Then drive one half mile to Dash Pt road and pick up the directions from there. It's easier than the 312th ST route on google maps.

Either way, when you get to the address (8604) turn into the narrow driveway there and follow it in and around to the turn around. My family's place is on the water side of the drive, a small white cottage with light blue trim. Please leave the parking spot in front of the garage for Les and Carol Johnson as it will be easier for them to get to the patio from there. If you have difficulties, call me on my cell phone (253) 973-7891. I'll be there setting up. You can drive in and unload anything you have and once the parking is full, I'll direct you to another place where you can park.

I have hamburgers, hot dogs, and buns, plates, napkins, and plastic cuttlery, and I will be making a potato salad. Everyone else should plan on bringing something to contribute. I have a gas BBQ as well along with tables, chairs, etc. Dress warmly as sometimes the wind comes up the bluff. We have three 10X10 pop-up canopies and a raised fire pit also so we should be pretty cozy. Bathroom facilities are also available.

In the event that you need better directions, call me or PM me so I can send them along. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Hopefully it will be a good day. See you around noon! :thumb:


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Sounds great. Steve -- thanks again for hosting... I can't wait. I'm just starting to tie so I'm working on something pretty simple, a little floating clouser/popper type fly. Let me know as we get closer what exactly I can bring.


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