fourth of july

Went to Fourth of July today. Had to hike about a mile to get to open
water. Fished with scuds . Caught two 20 inch rainbows. was there only a few hours. Thanks fly15 for your knowledge. You were right the scuds were green and fished over the weeds. Thanks again :THUMBSUP
Hi this is fly15 i'm glad the scud technique worked for you.
Where is fourth of july lake is it in eastern washington.Fishing
scuds is one of the most productive methods of year around
flyfishing in eastern washington.I am 15 years old so when i
get my drivers license i'll have to go try fourth of july lake.
Yes it must be cantcatchem66 but I also heard that if you ask a question then answer it then it's considered talking to yourself :BIGSMILE
fly15- Fourth of July is just south of Sprague lake. It is a winter lake and it's season is Dec 1st until March 31st. Great lake for nice rainbows.

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