Would someone be willing to list out all of the acronyms on the sight (i.e. NFR, SRC etc.) for those of us still trying to figure them out on our own? Still getting used to this website's language...Thanks for the trouble!

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
N ot
F ishing
R elated

S ea
R un
C utthroat

Hope this helped. Any others?


L aughing
M y
A $$
O ff

L aughing
O ut
L oud


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
O ornery
L lunkerless
D derelict

M mumbling
A about
N not-catching-big-fish

Jimbo}( :D :p :+ :7 :beer2

Hope to live long enough to get there, myself!:p

Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
There are definitely some terms that seem to be specific to the Northwest. The fish have multiple names

Silvers = hook-nose = Coho Salmon
King = Black Mouth = Chinook Salmon
Red Salmon = Sockeye
Dog Salmon = Chum Salmon
SRC = Harvest Trout = Sea-run Cutthroat
Freshet = rain or showers
winter brat = square-tail = Steel = Steelhead
Stilly = Stillaguamish
Skok = Skokomish
Sky = Skykomish
OP = Olypic Peninsula
Chris = The Boss

In terms of sexing fish, although its obvious, people refer to the male as a "buck" and the female as a "doe" or "hen".

Then, as previously mentioned, there are the tons of acronyms people use with their everday language. One I learned this past year was IMHO - "in my honest opinion"
or also abbreviated to "IMO" in my opinion.

Which ones have we left out???
LDR is one that confused me for quite some time and I ended up imagining a totally different interpretation.

Some say LDR - Long Distance Release
I imagined LDR - Lost During Reeling

Thanks for explaining NFR. I've been scratching my head over that one for a while. In the Army, NFR meant:

N o
F oreign
R elease

I was thinking maybe those posts weren't supposed to be read by folks from - Ohio or some place like that.
A couple months ago I became a member of a group called the "ROMEOs", as in Retired Old Men Eating Out. We meet once a month at a pancake house. Back when I had to work I had Friday and Saturday for days off so my favorite acronym in those days was Sure Happy It's Thursday.

This entire business is more fun when a person doesn't have to work anymore, no more SHIT.


Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Here's some from some other flyfishing sites:

RB = rainbow

CT = cutthroat

BT = brook trout

OTOH = on the other hand

"Age is a terrible price to pay for wisdom." ~ Anonymous
I'm gonna have to say

BT or GB- Brown trout or German Brown Trout
EB - Eastern Brook Trout

JT- Jumbo trout
YT- Whitey (a user)

Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
(Sir Izaak Walton)

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