Amber Report

Well a fairly short report. Can't give water temp, but it was windy, no visible bug activity, but it was windy, you get the point.
Only hit the water for a few hours from 12:00-3:30ish. One other fine gentleman on the water who reported getting a few on buggers and I saw him take a few on chironomids. After hiding out in the cove across from the launch for the first hour, I finally decided to man-up and brave the wind. I anchored in a proven little spot on the southwest end, and after catching my first on a blood worm I finally tried a chromie and that was the ticket. Fairly steady as long as I could stand the wind. One the way in I caught a couple on a stillwater nymph casting right on the bank on the way back.
Most bows were bright and spunky, all cutties were really colored up and a bit lathargic. One cuttie was actually so colored that his front ventral fins were literally bright red, and the color traveled all the way up the belly to the throat. Really beautiful.
Interestingly enough I didn't get any of the big fish that I caught in the fall. All today's fish were in the 14"-17" range, but after catching some big fish last fall I expected to get some really nice one's this spring, just didn't happen today.
All in all, it was a fine afternoon. While Amber can be fickle like any water, I still really like that lake.


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noice Mike. We did pretty well there on saturday as well, errrr.... I mean I did, OMR had a tough day. The difference was my chironomids were just a tad smaller, and fish found them more interesting

Scott Salzer

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Good for you, Mike. 14-17 is decent but I know what it's like when you know there are bigger fish.

Ya gotta take me out there one of these days when I head over to visit my son.

I would be happy to meet up, unfortunately I don't get out often. However I am always happy to share what I know (won't take long).
Is your son working or going to school over here?

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Working for a commercial real estate appraiser. We get over occasionally. I'll let you know the next time I'm over, perhaps I can pull you away from your other things.

Scott good luck on getting Mike away to fish. His wife had to plan a birthday party for him and have 3 of his fishing buddies kidnap him to go fishing a few weeks ago. I have known him for about 4 years and we haven't gotten out to fish together yet. I am not sure he really wants to fish with me the last two times he has invited me he sends me a PM through this board the night before, after I am in bed, and invites me for the next day. I usually get the message at about 9am when I check in. By then he is already on the lake wondering why I did not show up.
Jesse, your point is valid and fair. However, most of the time my passes legitimately come at the last minute. I will admit though that early planning is not my strong suit.


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Scott, be sure to come by here. I have a couple of interesting little lakes to show you. I'll send you home via the scenic northern route. Guaranteed to be I-90 free.