z-axis sage 8wt 9'6" 4 piece w/ ross cla 4 and rio versa tip new

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i have a nice lamiglass baitcaster with a nice daiwa procaster ps15 reel.
8wt line series G 500 graphite 2 piece
very good condition
if you are interested i can send you pics.
i am in east side area so i can also meet u in person

Ed Call

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Fishinsinsation, I've got two baitcasting rods and reels that I'll trade for your new Z Axis 896-4, CLA4 and versitip line system.
St. Croix 10'6" WC106M2 rod with a Shimano Castiatic CA-200SF and a Quantum IM8 8'6" CWC862 with a Shimano Crestfire CR-100D
Both rods are two pieces, all guides, ferrules, blank and cork in very good shape. I've not touched them for two years since going 100% fly fishing.
We could meet, or rods can pass in the mail. Let me know if you are interested.

Ed Call

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"want this combo gone" and Jason Decker and I put up some pretty decent offers in trade...I've not heard back from you so I guess you want more than two full setups of pretty darn good quality for one?
mumbles, this is over a 900 dollar setup, im not going to trade for jason deckers 200 dollar setup,

and your setups probably retails for around 350 or less..

"pretty good offers" i think not..

what i want is somthing/things that retail for around the same amount of money...

im not going to give this setup away..

to be honest i thought jasons offer was a little insulting.

Ed Call

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Well, there is life after all. Glad to hear from you. I'll put my cheap ass shit back in the corner of my garage. Thanks for responding. Good luck with your trade or sale.


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I have a crab pot i would be willing to trade. Leaded line, to bait boxes, a double red and white buoy with a orange flag at the end ( i can cross off my name and put yours on, no charge). If you act now I will throw in a "Fish-On" rod holder and a neon-green glove with spikes for gripping fish out of the net! Let me know, I live in the Seattle area!
i had some cash to go with my set up, but you never said anything, I even offered to meet you. now the insults? how are we supposed to know what you want? if you aren't happy with your responses when asking to trade for "regular gear rods' , then getting offers for regular gear rods........... not "high end' gear rods,you never gave any criteria asking for similar equipment value, you might want to communicate a little better bud. good luck. i am out. seems like if you've struck out with every guy who has replied to your post, then the results are your problem.......

stewart dee

Hey good news my buddy is willing to give up his favorite ugly stick and buzz bomb combo. Let me know asap.
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