float, fish and camps

Anyone here done any floating and camping while fishing? I am thinking primarily of Montana streams such as the Big Hole, Clark Fork, Flathead, Madison and Yellowstone.
I plan to do these mainly in Montana on the Yellowstone, Big Hole, Flathead, Madison and Clark Fork. Just looking for ideas and advice. things like food and securing it, etc.

Bob Jones

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Think like a back packer and plan your meals. Pack each separately in plalstic bags and mark on the out side. You can get water most places by purifying from the rivers, Be sure to check the camping regs, and about fire and stoves, private property usage, and carrying out your trash. be prepared for what ever you can think of might happen and then go have fun. Try to make multiple use of th'ings you need to take and skip little extras that really aren't needed. Also pack each days clothes in separate bags so if one days gets wet it won't ruin another day and take things you can rinse out and hang to dry. If there's any chance of bears buy or rent bear boxes for your food don't at any time keep food in your tent or even eat in your tent. Sounds great if you're ready.


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The Deschutes, Grand Ronde, and a couple rivers in Alaska, 3 1/2 to 7 day trips. Some of the best fishing trips I've ever had. I pack a little heavier than back packing; it's always nice to have an ice chest and some beer with lunch. Food choices can be as simple and light as backpacking fare or as extravagant as you like if you're using a large raft. Trips are more enjoyable if I can BBQ a couple dinners. I've used plastic totes with snap on lids for food and cook ware. In AK there were no trees tall enough to hang food from, so we just kept a clean camp and set the food totes down the river bank a couple hundred feet. One of the risks is that you could be out of food after the first night. I like a small Coleman white gas stove for camp cooking, but recently got a Jetboil for whenever I just want hot water.



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I'm in the early stages of planning a couple summer trips. We're going to do it lazy-style. Set up camp in a campground, then launch above it. Float to the campsite, stay overnight, then put everything in the car and have the shuttle man drive it all down to the next takeout. The Clark Fork and Blackfoot would both be great for this. I know you can also do it on the Big Hole and Bitterroot. If we get really lazy we are going to park a trailer at the campground. The gear investment for multi-day overnight trips isn't my thing.

Ed Call

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Stewart, if that is "lazy-style" then I'm with you man. I'm hoping to do a few overnighters this summer on the Yakima in the same fashion. Float down to camp, float from camp to takeout and use the shuttle services available. Sounds like a great summer plan you're brewing.


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Get in on the lottery for the Smith River in Montana. 7 days of floating, camping & fishing in pristine wilderness. It's not as hard to get drawn as you may think....
I have been looking into do a few day float too. I plan on using a small cook stove, and pots that go inside of each other, small fold up chair, I have dry bags and stuff sacks. Go and buy the food that just takes water. There are sealed and are just the right size for meals. I am thinking of doing a float on the yakima or a oregon river.
take at least 2 rods. on a 3 day trip down the deschutes last year my friend broke his rod on the second day and all of us only brought one rod each. we did some trading off so he could fish a little the rest of the trip.