5wt line/4wt rod

Want to go to a 4wt rod, makes the little ones I catch seem bigger. All my stuff is for my 5-6 rod. I understand that all the weights should match but will it make that big a difference? Guess we're talking casting mostly.
If you plan on using it for small streams and creeks, this is the best way to load it IMO... especially if its a DT. I think a WF might be too much. Loading a DT a weight higher than your rod makes casts of 10-20'pretty effortless. give it a try. Just keep in mind the longer the cast, the harder it will be for your rod to load all that weight.


I do this kind of thing all the time---go up or down one weight depending on what I have and the situation. Sometimes a loaded cast is on the menu, sometimes just plain old budgetary constraints or maybe trying to rig up outfits ofr several kids in our club.

Fact of the matter is I kind of suck at casting anyway and probably don't really notice much difference.

One thing maybe: If you can afford it then try to keep the floating lines in the lower weight classes 3-5 pretty well balanced. The sink-tip and sinking stuff is less critical. This means that you might want to get a nice 4wt floating for the rod in the long term or for next summer.

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The difference between a 5wt and 4wt line on a 4wt rod will probably be barely noticeable, especially on a faster action 4wt rod. I regularly overline my 4wt Sage XP 10 footer. It doesn't cast worth a darn with the 4wt lines I use on my 9-footers.

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Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I just re-read your post and it occured to me that if you haven't bought a 4wt rod yet and you're interested in more 'feel' for smaller fish, you might want to consider getting a 3wt instead. The difference between fishing a 4wt and 5wt rod is fairly small while the difference between a 3wt and a 5wt is much more apparent, especially when playing smaller fish. Some of my fishing buddies only use odd-numbered weight rods (3wt, 5wt, 7wt) while others only use evens. Then, some of us have several of all numbers : - )

"Age is a terrible price to pay for wisdom." ~ Anonymous
Go for a 3wt. I fish a 3wt the majority of the time. I use a 5wt DT floating line on it and 4wt wf sinking line with it. It is a rainshadow excel series and it has no problem casting the 5wt dt 50 feet or so. But it is a medium fast strong 3/borderline weak 4. Depends on what stick you get. some brands 4wt's aren't really 4wt's

But I am going to redo my whole rod collection. I think i'm going to move to the evens. 2,4,6,&8.

But I guess your looking to use your previous lines, etc.. on the new 4wt. It shouldn't be a problem. Your rod will just load at a shorter distance.
I overload my 4 wt. Sage DS2 with a 5 wt. Rio wf and it loads fast, which I like, though at times it feels a bit heavy for delicate presentations. Part of that is the Rio, which has a oversize head. I agree with previous posts that the difference between a 5 and 4 wt. rod is pretty slight, unless your moving from fast to slow action. Go for the 3 wt. if you want a jolt!


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I like Backyards advice, I just wish it were that easy. My suggestion may not be any easier. Rods are like women, they are all different and you need to get to know them. Just getting a lighter weight rod may not get you the "action" you're looking for. Amount of flex, line size and type and a host of other things make for a good "small fish" rod. So hit your friends up that have different rods and test them out before buying or building a new one.


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Thanks for all the responses. Yeah I kinda like the bigger fish idea too. Never even thought of a 3 before. Thought that would be way to light for my 5wf line. Have to go down to the flyshop and whip a few around. En garde!


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ever casted a 390 XP? thatll throw some line. one of the few 9ft xp's that i like. not too terribly stiff, but it feels more like a 3.5 wt than a 3. you overline it, and it goes to mush, but throw an SA GPX line and it comes alive! has a soft enough tip for those small yak river mays and caddis. heck, while youre at it, try and get your hands on a 2 or even a 0wt! sage makes an SLT 8ft 0wt thats a riot. think it doesnt have enough backbone to land trout? psh. if you know how to fight a fish (which youll learn quickly with this stick), youll have no problem bringing 'em in. only problem youll encounter is the W factor (wind). youre more than welcome to cast and fish mine if youre near the bellevue area.
Wow. Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to do a little thinkin' on this. Don't really want to replace all my fly lines. Have to factor that into the price of a new rod. Time to get really nice to my mother-in-law. She never knows what to get for Christmas.