Where do you buy your tying material?

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Jerry you're kind of getting off the subject but aren't we all !!! oops I forgot what I was going to say was I'll just send Jerry my shopping list and then go pick it up.

Mike Lee

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Stewart, Do you have a detail business cause I like the wax job! is that magiuars or turtle wax?

Jerry, looking forward to the Man Cave that's great. Will you be offering clinics and try before you buy on some tying vises? Nonetheless, looking forward to coming by.

Adam, doesn't everyone in Whatcom County catch their own tying material? I lived up there for 8 years and the only halfway shop that stuck around was the fish/tackle joint behind the Holiday Market. Limited on supply, but if you let them know what you want they'll order it in free of shipping.
When we need fur and feathers in Whatcom County, we just shave our backs and check the birdsnests in our beards.

Bellingham isn't great for fly shops, true, but daves sports in lynden has a bit. And as long as you're up there, Hub Sports, just across the border in Abbotsford, has an excellent selection of tying materials. Don't forget your passport...

Dr Bob

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Getting back to the question of where do you get your fly tying supplies, I was about to say locally. However the more I thought about it, I have moved more and more to buying online. I still buy some things locally especially when I am in need of something quickly and to give some business to the local shops. Kinda here is the breakdown:
Hooks - online
Necks & capes - online ( Conranch hackles)
Hair (elk, deer, etc) - some online, some local
Bird skins (partridge, quail, etc )- online
Pheasant, turkey - from my buddy who hunts
Marabou - online
fly tying tools - some local some online.
Thread, chenille, dubbing, wire, foam - local & craft shop
synthetic materials (crystal flash, rubber legs, etc) - some online, some local.

I have found that once I have confidence in the quality of materials online, I am a return buyer. It easy, it takes less time, in some cases it is a better price and quality.

Dr Bob :hmmm:

Dr Bob


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Not on tap, but probably a beer fridge. Unless I can get that cool tap cooler and have Matt Smith and Evan Burck keep my taps filled. ;) I'm literally on the East side of Ft Lewis.
Jerry, When you get this up and running let me know, I think we live near by eachother as I'm in Spanaway right on the east side of Lewis. I also have Fat Tire on tap so anytime Ed wants to come down, I could provide a beer or two.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh, BTW. I don't foresee this happening until this summer at the earliest. Still have alot to do around here before I start work on that. Still have a waterline to fix going into the mancave. Have to locate it and repair it. Then retrofitted (which mostly is adding a tying area) and making it cozy/livable. :)

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
The first time I ordered from cabelas on line I sent everything but the hooks back. Hares masks sadddles etc. I didn't like any of it. That was before the Lacey Store was here. I will buy some things I like at the store but mostly hard stuff. At least I get to look at the feathers and hair now. I usually don't count on John to be much help he's too social with the customers and employees most of the time.

Richard E

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Do you guys generally buy your tying material at your local fly fishing store and craft store, or do you buy on line? If on line, what is a good site to look at?

98% of the time from a local fly shop, based on experience gained over the last 15 years. I've purchased hackle and other hair from online sources, and have nearly always extremely disappointed. Nothing like looking at what you're buying . . .

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