Swap Mouse Swap?

I pm'd some of you the address anyone that doesn't have it send a pm my way and I'll give you the adress. It's almost may, opener is 2 weeks away here in Minnesota and I know a place full of hungry bass.


has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
Dudes - Any chance to still get in on this swap? I have been in absentia from the board for a couple months, and just saw this one. I would love to get in on it if there is still time and there are no objections to a 7th participant...

Got a furry package in the mail today from western, sweet looking mouses dude.
Hey Marcus I think I want to leave it up to the rest of the guys in the swap. I personally don't mind tying an extra fly and Western tied a couple of extras, lets hear what they have to say.



has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
Thanks guys. It looks like I am taking Connor's spot? I'll have my mouses tied and in the mail post-haste. Just to be clear, do I need to send 5 or is it 6?
Alright the masses have spoken Chattrm is taking conor's spot. Chat you need to send 5 flys out. Here is an updated list.
Fly punk
Snaglovin: deer hair mouse-completed
Jmills: Moorish meeses
Western: Blair mouse recieved
Nick Biederman: in the mail

looks like you guys are tying hard we might have these flys in hand before the end of May.
Just doing a check to see where everyone is with the mice. I have recieved flys from western. Nick you said you sent yours out on the 2nd but I haven't received them yet??m

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