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Jon Brengan

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Well I must say I now have a significance for April first, it'll now forever be ingrained in my head as the day that we need a new license. I went down to Picnic Point this morning to cast, cast, and cast some more. After hours of casting, I started back at the point again the tide had gone out fairly so now I was standing on the sand. The wind from the next storm (tomorrow) was just starting to whip, I got beaten up by the waves, but I was able to get two fish on if only for a second. After fishing around the point again I kept hooking the eelgrass and with a tired arm and shoulder, decided to pack it in. As I approached the top of the bridge over the tracks, a rookey Fish n Game deputy and his partner, asked how the fishing was, "pretty darn windy" was the response, after getting my license checked and realizing that I was without a current license after midnight last night, he says "You'll have to follow me back to my rig, and we'll discuss what to do with ya", I'm thinking to myself, "You're now the "April Fool", pretty darn humiliating". I was also left wondering how this would turn out, with this guy obviously a rookey, trying to impress his sidekick (female) too, who was obviously the real deal". As it turns out, this was my lucky day, as no ticket was issued, but I still wonder if in the middle of winter or spring, does this reflect what these guys do on a daily basis? It begs the question, "don't you really have something better to do? I have been buying a license each year for my entire existence since 16 years old, never have a had a problem with fishing illegally, this time was a total brain fart, where were these guys at back in the summer time when there was a crapload of people snagging pinks, I never saw anyone then. Kind of gives me a sour taste in my mouth, I'm always amazed how law enforcement folks are mostly on a powertrip, how they must try to impress others with how tough they are, I can honestly say I was even less impressed when the "rookey" gave me his "partners" card and asked for me to turn in anyone in that is poaching. Pretty amazing, but I'll be sure never to make this mistake again
Hey Jon,

Resources for fish and game are thin. They even talked of totally disbanding WDFW. When I am on the river I am happy to see enforcement, and it sounds like you would like to see enforcement more to (by your comments on seeing people snag pinks). They checked you out, you broke the law, and they didnt give you a ticket. Doesn't sound to bad to me. I am guessing that they ran your name thru their system back at the truck, found that you aren't wanted by law enforcement and that you didn't have any prior fishing infractions and judged in your favor of good guy that forgot.

Good luck out there,



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So you were fishing without a license, got caught, didn't get a ticket, and still feel the need to bitch about it? Based on what you said, "I'll be sure never to make this mistake again", it sounds like their methods worked pretty well. Find something better to whine about.

In case you're still wondering where enforcement was during the pink season - http://westseattle.komonews.com/content/pink-fever-brings-out-salmon-fishers-poachers
I'm with alpinetrout on this one as it sounds like WDFW handled the situation very well. If I'd been in your shoes I'd have been thankful for the contact and let them know how much their services are appreciated and apolgized for my mistake. Glad to see the agency is still atracting "rookies" too as it's often a thankless and dangerous job that goes unappreciated by the majority.
Today was a "gift" in all ways you reported. Wash that "bad taste" out of your mouth with your favorite beverage and befriend another by "letting them off of the hook" when you clearly have them.
Good luck!

Jon Brengan

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I know, I know... I shouldn't be bitching about it, they had me dead to rights! I won't be making that mistake again.....I half didn't want to admit to making that mistake. But I was the April fool, I had a great trip other than my blunder and will continue to remember this date forever now. I was just pissed that they weren't anywhere's to be found when others were seriously taking advantage of the situation. When I talked w/ my friends about it today, they said the same thing, that Fish and Game is spread pretty thin and they'd never actually seen a rookey game warden so maybe times are changing. Mistake made, won't happen again....sulking now.
P.S. I got my new license...today!
Kind strange but for some reason I have seen more fish and game more in the last year or so then the rest of my years fishing.
All I can say is I hope to continue to see them more often.

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Glad they cut you slack but I've personally known a couple of LE folks that would have written up their elderly mother's for the same offense and situation. I think it's also good to know that these dedicated professions were out there in the lousy weather working rather than sitting in their warm vehicles drinking coffee and shooting the "stuff".

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The WDFW out checking licenses in the salt is a great thing. The agents I've met have been solid people, with nothing but the best interest for the resource in mind. Too many sea-runs (and other species) are still dying by the hand of the uneducated.


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Did they check your hooks for barbs? Were there any of our bright yellow searun C&R signs posted by forum members at Picnic?


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