First dinner in my 14" dutch....


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Bitteroot, I got a mandolin several years ago and last year got another model that just does course shreds. I haven't bought frozen hash browns since. The fresh potatoes just can't be beat for flavor.

The way I do hash browns nowadays(after years of mediocre results) is to shred the potatoes with the skins on into a salad spinner. Wash them good and spin off the excess water. Place the potatoes on a large plate and microwave uncovered but salted for 4 minutes. Then into a preheated cast iron pan with a little oil and butter. Over med high heat cook until golden brown on the first side then flip. I don't stir at all and put a few pats of butter on top of the potatoes while the first side is cooking. These are just yummy-crisp and brown outside-soft and delicious inside. When camping without benefit of the microwave, peel and boil the potatoes the night before until they just start to soften a little then cool overnight and shred in the morning. Both methods work very well.