Water Master Valves and Adapters

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
I have not yet received my new blue Kodiak from BSI. So, I am left to wonder what issue(s) will pop up once I do take delivery.

You know, the kind of issues that show-up only after you have the boat at hand. Then... you find yourself scrambling to get a part or something else keeps you from being on the water ASAP.

My understanding is that Water Masters have H/R valves, so I figure the assorted adapters that came with my LVM and K-200 pumps should have me covered. You know what they say when you assume something.

Anyone else been down this road already?

Any other common show stoppers I can avoid thru preparation?


Chris Scoones

Staff member
I use k-pump and LVM. Neither need an adapter. With the LVM you just open the WM's valve before filling, and when it's filled it as far as it'll go use your thump to quickly close the valve. You use your thumb to cover the opening as much as possible to block as much escaping air as possible. Usually I'll just roll from there without even topping off with the k-pump.