Amber 4/7/10

Curt Craig

Wizened Newbie
The word for the day was windy...but as I heard it was going to be worse later in the week, off I went.

I only had a couple hours, so decided to cover as much water as I could, kicking north to the rock wall and back.

OK with small leaches, olives better better than black. And Ediger was right (as usual) about the boat launch - I only really got into them consistently when floating around waiting to take out (of course!), pitching a bloodworm towards the weeds.

Fish were spunky and bright. Good afternoon to be fishing.

Mike Ediger

Active Member
Curt, great to hear from you, but you must have me confused with someone else...I am rarely right about anything :rofl:.
Glad you got out and got a few fish!