Helmet cams for fishing (go pro)


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Hey, newbie here!

Ive been doing alot a video watching on youtube and vimeo of folks fishing on lakes and rivers alike. Some of the more advanced videos often has underwater scenes which certainly add a cool factor. I'm a broke college student, but would like to attempt to make a video similar to these im watching. My question is, have any of you folks ever filmed with a "helmet cam"??

The camera I use for ATV riding is a Go Pro Hero HD wide angle. It shoots in 1080p, and has 2 hours of battery life. The camera is 100% waterproof, not to mention INCREDIBLY small. It also takes still pictures and sequence pictures. Have any of you shot and fishing footage with one?? If not... give me a few weeks and I'll be the test dummy!



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We use a Go Pro now for our fishing show - However, the underwater performance has not been good... Because of the distance between the lens and the underwater case, it won't keep focus on tighter shots. Using it just above the water for release shots has been great however. It does have a nice PQ and the price is certainly right.


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I have go pro and flip Hd both are very nive but I will take my go pro everywhere I go fishing. I love the size quality, and all the straps and mounts. Chest, head, helment, and sticky mounts are on the boats. I have been shooting fishing videos for the last two months and can't wait to do more. Buy one you will love it.


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For compare the quality from different cameras...
Canon G9 with housing. Edited by Mac iMovie

Nikon D5000 camera, neck-striped in front of my chest...
Edited by Mac iMovie. HD upload.

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