Helmet cams for fishing (go pro)

Ed Call

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I have a cheap helmet cam for snowboarding. Might try it out for fishing...if I could get time on the water and fish that cooperate!
A couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know of any retail stores in the Puget Sound area that carry Go Pro cameras?
2. What model Go Pro camera would be recommended for fly fishing videos and mounted over a baseball type cap?
3. Any other cameras similar to the Go Pro models?


The two most popular helmet cams are the Go Pro HD and the Contour VR

REI sells the Go Pro, but I'm not sure if they carry them in store.

For a baseball cap, you'd want the Helmet Cam and used the adjustable strap mount.


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I've been researching these for awhile and intrigued by the Drift HD 170. It is waterproof without a case (only for a couple feet though) and has a viewing LCD screen and wristband remote. I'm hoping the remote is waterproof as it'd undoubtedly get dunked releasing fish. I think the LCD screen would be nice to view and edit on site rather than waiting until you're home on your computer to see what you've captured. It also has a function for low light, which would be nice for streamer fishing at dusk. Looks just a tad larger than the Countour.

Anyone have experience with Drift as compared to the Countour or GoPro?
Go for the HD one if you get them. I just used a friends standard issue gopro for racing, and the sound sucked!!! Half of watching a in car racing video is sound and it would have lots of pops in it (think bad record...). The only thing I could think of would be shimming the back of the camera... Maybe it is just a bit smaller than the case... I dunno...
I did like the auto flip option though... I mounted it on my sunroof, in car upside down. Video was pretty good as long as I was not driving into the sun, then it would get a bit of a glare.
But there were some guys running the hd's and said they were perfect!