Tiger Trout

Anyone have any experience with "tiger" trout? In the 2001 Winter issue of Northwest Fly Fishing magazine, there is an article describing these fish (cross between female brown trout and a male brook (char) trout. They are suppose to be surface feeders so they would be great dry fly fishing. Just wondering if anyone's had any successes / failures with them. Seems like the eastside lakes will be stocked.
There are some lakes in s.w. wash that has them, And there are going to be a few in north central wash this year. I have not had the pleasure to catch and release one. I understand they are a very aggresive fish. :THUMBSUP
Tiger trout are a blast to catch. In my experience, they are relatively easy to catch, and will attack a wolly bugger with wild abandon.

I've caught them in the Intermountain West, and am looking forward to fishing for them in SW Washington.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

I spent a fruitless 4 hours on a small pondlike lake of crystal clear alkaline water on a sunny day last spring in the Columbia Basin. The chronomids were hatching like crazy. My fishfinder was showing lots of fish. Yet there was not a single fish surface feeding in 4 hours of fishing. I cought nothing on chronies or damsels, or water boatmen,or leeches,or Mayflies..... finally I gave up. The rumor is that this pond was planted without treating it first with Tiger Trout hoping their agressiveness would clean up the stunted panfish population. I think it didn't work and the numerous fish I scoped were the stunted panfish. Would like to know a good Tiger Trout location and try them out again though.
Any word on whether Lake Merrill is going to receive a plant of these. I understand the state wanted to put these fish into lakes that already have a brown trout population. I have not seen any plant info on Merrill since 1995. It seems like the browns numbers are down from the past (It could be my hook-up numbers are down). The combination of the aggressive surface feeding tigers and that huge Hex hatch would seem to be a great match. Also, what is the life expectance of a planted brown trout. Just wondering how long past plants can be effective. :DUNNO

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