Swap Carp Swap

its april and it wont be long til the carp are face down in the flats giving me a hard time. lets cap the swap at 6 for now but if we get more interest i'm open to as many as 12 tiers.

due by may 13
Well, I've kinda watched this swap to see if there are any Carp fishermen out there. I've wanted to catch a Carp on a fly for quite some time now but haven't been to any Carp water. It appears no one is really interested in a swap but I have a great book by Barry Reynolds called Carp on the Fly that I have been studying for about a year now. There are some pretty cool flies in it. I'd be curious as to what you would tie if the swap were to go ahead.
can't believe no one wanted in on this swap, thought we had more carpers around these parts. i was gonna tie up a creation of my own, ive been on a tying rampage lately, i'll post some pics of my new creations for bass, carp, and brown trout when i find some time.