Big Twin, Little Twin in Winthrop

Anyone been over there yet? Im curious if any fish carried over from the winter. I know they had a pretty mild winter over there so maybe some fish survived.

Rick Todd

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There are no fish in eithier lake, ask Rick Todd.
Actually, my neighbor at Big Twin (who lives there full time) said he saw a lot of large trout around the hole in the ice where the aerator is-he thinks we should have a good carryover this year. I'll be over weekend after next and can give you a report after that! BTW-fished Dry Falls this Friday and Saturday and despite some pretty tough wind, I caught quite a few nice bows and browns on chiro's. The clear blue sky and the beauty of that lake always make for a nice day on the water! I was really amazed at the crowd of fishers on all the Sun Lakes chain and the line up of motor homes and trailers along the highway by the lakes! Amazing! (glad they weren't at Dry Falls)! Rick
There are fish in both Big and Little Twin lakes but they tend to be small. It doesn't take many boats to make the lakes feel crowded and the local campgrounds cater to families, so typically there are lots of other craft on the lakes and families fishing from the banks. A few fly clubs target the lake which adds pressure and in the summer between the rodeos and music festivals it can turn into a circus on and around the lakes. Not the ideal "fly fishing" experience venues.

Rick Todd

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The lakes are definitely best before 4th of July (and avoid Memorial Day) and after Labor Day. Fortunately that is when the Methow is fishing good. There are some trollers with pop gear in the middle of the lake, but I have never felt crowded on the lake-certainly no more than Lenice or Dry Falls. Sometimes the dry fly fishing with damsels in the cattails is truly awesome! Last year most of the fish I caught were in the 10-12" range with a couple each day in the 14" range. Since the Methow fly club put aerators in Big Twin, the winter carryover has improved a lot and you are seeing a lot more 16" fish. I like the lake because I have property on it and from Bellingham it is the closest good fly fishing lake on the dry side! Rick
20" fish? Anybody know where I can get me one of them "fish-stretchers"? Probably the same place you find left handed-monkey wrenches, and right-handed nails. Last year and on opener this year, having leech and chironomid fished with reasonable success, the fish topped out at 17" max with the representative range between 9" and 14". They only get bigger in your mind.

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