Opening Weekend Report


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Hit a Thurston Co. lake with a buddy on the opener. Crowds were pretty thin due to the weather.
My buddy had an excellent day, releasing seventeen fish on a type III full sinker with an olive bugger.
I fished chironomids and released nine fish. Most of my fish came in 20' of water.
Best patterns for me were a size 12 chromie and a large size 8 wine color v-rib body with a black beadhead.
No real hatch so to speak of likely due to the weather changing every 10 minutes are so. Lots of water in the boats by the end of the day.
Big fish of the day was 18" with quite a few 14" or larger.
Fun day on the water with a good friend.

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I just watched the storms blow through until
about 1 pm and thought who the hell fishes in this
kind of weather??? I know... Brian you
are hardcore.

Ya I don't really see the point in a report of you don't say the name of the lake. I can understand if its a good story on a secret lake or somting like that. Otherwise there is no point of a report, in my eyes.


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I can see your guy's point to a certain extent on the well traveled lakes like Lenice, Lenore, Dry Falls ect, but there are other lakes that probably would suffer under a significant increase in pressure. I admit at times when someone posts and doesn't name the water I may feel the same way, but then I think of the same types of places I fish that I wouldn't name due to my selfish side.

When it comes down to it, I would rather somebody post a report (especially with pics) and not name the lake than rather post at not. He did atleast name the county right? :)



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Thanks Tyler for the much needed honesty give the lake name just keep the method a mystery there are no real secret lakes unless they are private lets get real.


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2 years ago after opening weekend, a flyshop owner quized me about where I fished 'till I finally gave in and mentioned the C&R gem we fished to ourselves on the opener.They had never been to said lake before, or knew where it was, but they put a report about it on their website mentioning how well it fished, and even mentioned which ones of "their patterns" we used to catch them with(which was complete BS).When I saw this on the website and asked shop owner, reply was "Should I take it off?" Good answer to their own question.Lake still got mobbed. Very un-classy for shop owner. .........some things are better left kept quiet.
How many lakes can there be in Thurston County. I say fish em ALL!! BTW where is Mugwump, WA? LOL. I work for the US Postal Service and cant find it.

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Some of these lakes that you all fish and call secret are not that at all. I know of a few lakes and creeks in Washington that are so called secret, but as old as I am I wouldn't waste my time trying to get to them. Like Beda Lake. That was a no-no to several people that I know but when somebody other than them name it. The fishing went to hell.

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Mugwump Wa is just north of Toonervill.
Where's Toonervill?

I agree completely, there are no secret lakes [to anyone with a Gazetteer or Topo GPS]. As for sharing the location, I'm with P-Fitz98. There's a pond in Whatcom County that used to get overlooked constantly, until passerbys saw us pulling 8# bass out. Now it gets packed! I don't fish it anymore.