Dry Falls

Spent three days at Dry Falls, some Chronomid action with 24 foot leaders (are we still flyfishing?). Windy Friday and Sat. but calm Sunday with a little Callebatis action. The Best part was watching the Paririe Falcons vs. the Blue Winged Swallows. The swallows were interested the the Callebatis hatch and the falcons in the swallows.

Dry Falls is an incrediible setting even without the flyfishing. Great weekend!

Rick Todd

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Bushwacker-I was there at the same time-although I didn't fish Sunday, which was the best day weatherwise. I was with the group staying at Camp Delany, and fishing in my wooden drift boat. Caught quite a few Friday on chiros @ 25', fewer on Saturday, and picked up a few trolling when I got burned out staring at the strike indicator! Beautiful lake! Rick
We probably met. I was at Camp Delany too. Didn't have much luck Saturday, but did better on Sunday. I started out from the launch and discovered that my Fin was fouled up. When I adjusted it, the clip fell off into that cloudly bottom. As I waited for the bottom to clear I noticed three or four trout patrolling the the shallow flat before the lake drops off into deeper water. Forgot about the lost clip and put on a damsel on a sink tip and before I knew it, landed two nice 14" to 16" rainbows.

Then went out to the shallows in the SE cove and found a flock of swallows feasting on Calabetis duns. Unfortunately, the cloud cover kept changing and just as the hatch would get going a cloud would come by and create a wind that killed the hatch. I fished a Callebatis dry and after about the third time started see rises. Long story short, hooked three, landed two on Calabetis dry patterns.


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Ok guys, next time we do a Camp Delany thing we should make an announcement to have all WFF members meet by the firepit or something. I had no idea you guys were there too!
i was in the area, was plannin on being there all day saturday and into the night but that wind was nasty! wasnt sure how it played out down on the lake but it was ripppppping at blue and park where i was camped. ended up doing some creekin instead.

Rick Todd

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Sean-I had my doubts when I got up Saturday to that wind. It got pretty bad at times, but if you kept in the lee side of some of the cliffs you could fish reasonably well. I think the wind cut into the fishing success, but it was doable. Rick

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