QUESTION: Info on Carp fishing in SW WA?

Hey All-

So my boss in Boise loves this Carp fishin stuff that has become the new rage...... I grew up bow fishing for carp but not fly fishing for them.

You Know the typical stigma, Carp are Garbage fish.... And they probably still are considered junk fish, just ones that fight like hell and are fun to catch instead of shoot....

Anyways, it sounds like a blast and something I would like to do.... Sooooooooo, where might one find some local Carp fishing water. I am also willing to accompany anyone with an open seat, in the event you are looking for someone to share a ride with?????

He was recently in a Carp fishing tournament (In Boise) and I was wondering is there anything like that around here?

If not.... It sounds like a real kick ass time.

Your info and help is much appreciated!