I'm so sick....Must go fishing

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I woke up so sick this morning I just couldn't make it to work, my wife suggested that fishing would make me feel better. I'm glad I listened to her. After dropping my son off at school I revisited the lake I was at this weekend and it was again another epic day. I pretty much had the whole lake to myself and all day it was "cast, troll, troll, troll, set the hook. I lost count of how many I landed, I got them all on micro buggers, black and green woolleys, and camo careys. Boy do I feel better now! I sure hope I'm not sick tomorrow.

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Ed Call

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I had to check my calendar to make sure it was not April First. Then I had to check to see your avatar and it was you. Then I remembered you are one step closer to steel...and I saw that bad boy...and imagined your bragging rights. Matt is becoming a very fishy dude. Great report. Hope you are feeling worse tomorrow for a double dose of todays medicine!


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Indigo Stratusphere Enfluenza can be very debilitating. I'm glad you found a way to recover so quickly.
I have 1949.99 hours of sick leave. Maybe its time for me to take some. My wife is making me take some when she has a knee replacement in June. Damn what a way to use FMLA SL. LOL

Ed Call

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Dang Mark, based on an 8 hour day that is 234 and 3/4 days. You clearly are sick in the head if you work so hard and long that you've accumulated that much sick leave. That is more days than a standard M-F worker will work in a year. You should call in sick, really sick. The type of sickness that requires you to fish every single Washington lake one full day to be cured. Then you can go back to work.
LOL, yeah, pretty sick to accumulate that much huh? Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail.
Hoping weather tomorrow is nice. Might have to come in early and take off tomorrow and hit Matt's lake. Hoping to hit yours this Sunday if I can. I heard the ferry rates went up so I might have to drive around.

Ed Call

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Mark, if only we all could have delivery dedication like yours. Don't drive around, the slight increase in fare would be offset by the cost of gas and fishing time lost. There are a couple other place we should hit over this way if we can connect. Have a blast!

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