Punta Mita and Sayulita, Mexico Trip Report

Awesome report! Makes me want to try Mexico now!
Now, please, everyone, excuse my ignorance if this question has an obvious answer, but are Crevalle and Trevally the same?

Cause if not, I really want to catch Crevalle now. I've caught some small Trevally while in Hawai'i, but after looking at those pics, I wanna get out there with a 10wt or so and go after these guys!

To the OP: Do you have any pics of the flies?


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Now, please, everyone, excuse my ignorance if this question has an obvious answer, but are Crevalle and Trevally the same?
No, they are different species, but Jack Crevalle and various types of trevally are all members of the jack family along with amberjacks, rainbow runners, yellowtail and many others. Crevalle and certain trevally, like bluefin trevally and giant trevallly, have a very similar body shape. GTs get huge............many of 100 pounds or more are landed in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. I just saw Larry Dahlberg catch a 100 lber in the Coral Sea on his show using a popper and a spinning rod. There are a lot of different species of trevally. Jack Crevalle are very cool fish. Catch one on a flyrod and you will want more. The ones you catch in the Pacific look like Dave's, the ones you catch in the Atlantic, like around various places in Florida, often have bright yellow fins. The fight is very similar to a trevally of equal size. None of them are pussies, none of them come in quietly. They make you work for them.....that's why they are awesome.

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Glad to see an old thread get some play. Sharing info, that's what this board does best.
Ross, as these guys have told you, an 8 weight is too light. I blew up my 10 weight trying to lift one of these guys from planing under the boat, and there are other species that could do worse. Now I wouldn't say that I was under-gunned, but maybe I was too eager in trying to get him in the boat. Luckily I also had my 12 weight with me to finish the day, (but I also broke that one too. . .) I'm not made of money either, but building my own rods has always helped shave some cost.

That said, definitely get in touch with Erasmo (erasmostours.com, pescdordemita@yahoo.com.mx) and his cell is 045 322 107 04 51). He is a seriously good guy and dropped his rates for me significantly, especially for a super panga. He can probably pick you up in Sayulita. The grounds we covered were between the two towns. Each day was the best $200 I've spent.

Get out as early in the morning as you can, and keep your flies small, strip fast. If you have the luxury of pickin your days based on waves, look for calmer seas. Also, and this sounds kinda silly. . .but consider some sort of knee pads. You're in the front of a boat, and if there's waves, your gonna be gettin tossed around as you try and make casts. I found the ideal position was on my knees on the bow's deck. But every now and then, a big wave, and my knees slammed back down on the deck.

Good luck on your trip! My wife and I are headed to the Tulum area here soon, gonna give the flats a try this year.

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Ross...an 8wt is as light as you'd want to go. Those jacks in Dave's photos pull like hell. I've fished 8wt's a fair bit here in Baja and have caught some good fish on them. They are fine if you use them right. But I'd much, much rather have a solid 10wt in hand. That said, if an 8 is all you've got...take it along. Better to have a rod than none at all. Depending on what you have for reel, you might be able to pick up just a 10wt and a line and just use the reel you have.
Solid comments, as always. The 8 is on the light side, but if you don't try to get the fish in to quickly when they're a little green, with some of the smaller jacks, etc., the 8 wt. will work fine. It's on the light side not just from a fish-fishting standpoint, but also from turning over (when casting) larger flies and for combatting wind. With that said, if you have an 8 weight, take it along.

You can pick up some very nice performing 10 weights inexpensively right now. The Rosse Essence FS is out there, in a 4 piece version, for about $120, I believe. Think what it would cost to package up and get fixed from Sage a broken 8 weight, and it makes sense to pick up a rod like that FS . . . get a running line and a couple of 12 weight shooting heads, and you're ready to rock and roll.

Like Mingo said, your Galvan T8 is a solid reel, and will work fine for the 8 to 10 weight class.