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For him there whould always be the riddle of steel
I found myself dragging a bead-head bugger around this weekend & added a second fly. Just a simple red bodied soft hackle, about 18-24" in trail.

I was using Climax 5X mono off the green spool, it seems pretty springy, which is what I'm looking for in this short section of line.

Question is....... that spool is about gone & its time to get some new 5X. Is what I have the best stuff for that use, or, is there a better mono IYO :confused:




For him there whould always be the riddle of steel
Went with the RIO Powerflex, here is some info for any interested parties.....

It is a high tech co-polymer tippet with excellent knot strength and PTFE coating for abrasion resistance and elongation (stretch) averaging about 26%. This tippet is used for all species, with the light gray providing superb camouflage in the water. This is the "standard RIO tippet".

This leader material comes on a 30 yard interlocking spool, with RIOS' patented "LE Strap" elastic tippet restraint.



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Was going to mention RIO's power flex. Good line. Being the thrifty guy that I am I also like Maxima in 2 lb/ 4 lb for dropper fly. Can pick up 250 yd spool for $7.00 . I use the 10 lb for steelhead fishing.
Good durable line

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