Getting back into deer hunting WA state.

My dad and I used to hunt when I was a kid, since I started fly fishing, I have had little interest in hunting big game. Since then, I have lost contact with old hunting buddies, land owners ect. This season I promised my dad I would get back into hunting with him, only this time around, I am going the single shot route to make it a little more of a challenge.

My questions include first, WHERE THE HELL DO I START? we used to near Walla Walla, but as I said, the contacts have been lost. Im not looking for secret spots ect, but can anyone offer a sugestion on getting started?


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If you want a challenge and better hunting opportunities and less crowds try muzzle loader season. Modern firearms season is very crowded and crazy in WA. You can pick up one for around $200, buy some bullets and 777 powder, musket primers ( RWS) and you are ready to go. Range is limited to around 100 yds and open sight ( no scopes allowed). Some very good hunting up N central WA. Regs are out now. PM and can suggest some areas to start scouting for ml or modern firearm deer. Some good areas in Blue Mountains by Walla Walla too.
I'm living near WW and hope to have some ideas on where to hunt by the time the seasons comes around, hit me up in the fall and hopefully I'll have a few leads on private land. Much of the public land gets absolutely hammered during deer season around here.

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