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Anyone every have any consistent luck fishing Kokanee with a fly? I live relatively close to Lk. Stevens, and from what I read teh fishing seems to be decent, and the fish up relatively close to the surface. I have a float tube, and figured that if I hit it early before the jet skis or skiers hit the water, I might be able to entice them with a chironomid, or scud or somehing similar. Figured I throw this out for comments and/or suggestions before I headed out there.
I have had luck with Kokanee using a Staynor Ducktail pattern. Not sure what they eat in Lk Stevens but at the lake i was at minnows seemed to be a good source of food and the Staynor worked well. Intermediate sink line with some fast strips and a pause or two in there.


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Small beadheads stripped up from the deep with slow turtle strips, should do the trick. Be carefull on the hook set they have reel soft mouths and can pop of very easy.

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