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Rob Ast

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Well I took some new rods out to play on Teal today. I figured I would put some of the recently shared knowledge from this board to work. I arrived about 12:30 with a moderate wind, light chop, water temp 55 degrees, and 2 other boats on the water (one middle aged gentleman in an outcast prowler fly-fishing and two younger guys in a small aluminum boat casting spinners). I rigged up my new Echo Carbon 5wt (after the chance to cast Orangeradish's at the Hoh Down) with a clear intermediate and an ansas bi-bugger (from the woolly bugger swap). Also rigged up my Reddington Classic Trout 8'6" 3wt (purchased after the recent talking up on the forum) with a floater and a small caddis emerger picked up in some previous swap. See - I do pay attention to the learning opportunities around here.
I started off trolling with the 5wt, heading up the east side to get to the shallows. Hadn't gone more than 30 feet when I hooked up with a ferocious 8" bow. As I worked past the other fly-fisher he commented that he had hit 2 on arriving, but zilch in the last hour. When I arrived at the shallow flats there was lots of evident activity, though all of it appeared to come from the cousins of my prior dink. After no luck casting the bugger in the areas of rises I swiched to the Reddington CT. Great medium action for dry flies, but a 3wt doesn't reach too far into the wind. None-the-less I managed to get 2 more of the dinks and quickly LDR'd what felt like a larger fish. I moved areas a bit, changed flies a few times (nothing doing on a bi-visible from a swap), saw some small mayflies and midges coming off, put on another low riding emerger, and landed a 14" bow. Finally a reasonable fish, made all the more fun with the 3wt. As the wind picked up I re-rigged the Echo with a floater and a small soft hackle (olive and partridge). Had several more strikes and a few 10" trout to hand as I worked my way around to the west shore. Finally broke off the soft hackle on a take from a larger fish, tied on a partridge and orange, and trolled slowly back to the dock. 5-6 fish to hand, several LDR'd and a few missed strikes - not bad for an afternoon.

Mike Lee

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Sounds like a great afternoon Rob. Obviously you played the presentation game better than the other fly fisherman on the lake. Well done.


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I used my 4 wt. CT today also. You can never have enough 4 wts. Rob! This rod is proving to be a nice dry fly rod! I had the same experience you had on Teal about a week ago with lots of 10 inchers, but it was fun. Nice job. It's good to get out.

Ed Call

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Thanks for the invite. You fear my skunk cloud will keep the dinks away? Glad you got out though, just not too glad.

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