Another fishing report for Weds.


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I usually will fish cady and looking at the posts I see I would have met up with a few from here who did yesterday but knowing that Larry just put in a bunch of new fish last week I didn't want to get into those, I did the week before and it was just stupid too many to hand to mention. I watch the stocking reports every year and teal was out the state has been putting just too many dinks there over the past few years in my opinion so I decided on a lake that I used to fish many years ago that the state has planted regularly with a nice mix of sizes and due to a couple of factors ( its a bait lake and the road to it closes at a certain point) it has the potential to have some good holdovers. When I first got there I sort of kicked myself for not fishing the lake for so long it has a very pretty setting its out in the woods with no houses and there were only a couple of guys fishing from the shore which is tough not alot of open bank. After getting ready I kicked out and the first thing I noticed were some huge caddis shucks probably from a night time emergence huge close to 2 inches in length, then I saw a midge hatch coming off big reddish midges the adults were at least a 1/4 inch I tried bobber watching for awhile without a bump which I found pretty hard to believe but so it goes. I know the lake has huge bloodworms I've seen them in the past and I know it has a pretty good population of damsels so I tried the bloodworm thing for awhile again without a touch so I decided it was time to get serious about catching some fish that when I changed lines and put on a damsel nymph pattern and started working the banks, it took 3 color changes before I hit upon the one the fish liked and from there on out for the rest of the afternoon I was into fish, I would cast into the bank under the overhanging trees give a few strips and bang a fish would would hit my fly hard it was cool, I fished around the lake getting into fish on about every third cast a nice mix of sizes from the smaller new plants to some of the newer bigger fish put in this year and a fair number of holdovers that ran close to 18 inches and then on one cast along a cattail lined area I caught the fish of the day a 26 inch plus holdover that really put the bend in my rod and had me wondering if my leader would hold, when I finally got it in the net I couldn't believe the size or the condition of this fish, it wasn't fat like a new plant but it was in fine shape with a tail as big as my hand a very trim healthy fish, it had been caught before by a bait chucker it had a length of fairly heavy line sticking out of its mouth running down its throat that had either been broke off or cut off (there is a size limit) this was pretty amazing but did justify my choice but once again had me kicking myself for waitting so many years to decide to fish this lake again, I still fished bait the last time I had been here and that was along time ago. It was really great to fish a lake with such biodiversity I usually fish cady and its been many years since I've seen anything matching or even close to matching the insect life I saw yesterday there at this lake, granted they are different types of lakes but even the midge hatches at cady have gotten smaller in size the last few years not the hatches themselves but the bugs, at one point yesterday I saw midges coming off that were huge, shucks an inch long, bombers. All in all it was a great day and now has me taking another look at lakes I used to fish but no longer due just because they allow the use of bait.
Great report Tony.
Just wanted to say thanks for the tip on the soft hackle PM. I tied some up and they worked. Well at least I caught some on my flies. Such a simple fly. Read some books by Sylvester Nemes and David Hughes on soft hackles.


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Some of the westside bait lakes we used to fish as kids are gems for todays fly guys. That 26" bow sounds like a hoot!

Fished a lake last weekend that fits that profile & guess what? Hooked a oversize bow on a small soft hackle trailing behing a beadhead bugger.



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Thanks for the report! What lake? Ya know, so I can tell Larry how it's doing. I swear. :thumb:

Fished a lake last weekend that fits that profile & guess what? Hooked a oversize bow on a small soft hackle trailing behing a beadhead bugger.
I use the same setup. I don't fish lakes all that often, so I haven't bothered with a sinking line. On shallower lakes, I just use a loooong leader and the setup you described. It's the poor man's sinking line!:thumb:

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