Whitestone: Has anyone actually fished it?


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You all know where it is if you have fished Chopaka but has anyone ever wet a line there? It contains spiny rays and supposedly has good populations of decent sized bass. I am primarily interested in the panfish population-does it contain crappie? I'll be in the area in a couple of weeks and would love to score enough fillets to fuel a fish fry. I assume like most NW lakes that contain bass they are the target while the panfish population is largely ignored. All the reports I have read on it are just about bass. I stopped there one time years ago on the way back from Chopaka and caught a few fish but it seems as though I recall bluegill and perch.

Any information or encouragement is welcome.



Wish I could help you out on the crappie wish-list; I've fished it in the past but was targeting the bass. It is a producer especially in the late afternoon, early evening. Never have taken nor seen a crappie in there... I'll be in the area a few days and was considering hitting Whitestone again. If anything turns, I'll certainly post! I have heard of crappie being taken out of Blue Lake down in the Sin valley.
Last time I was over there Conner no longer existed....dry as a bone.
Spoke with the local WDFW District Fish Bio here in Okanogan Co. the other day. Connors had to be drained to repair the dam. Water level is back up and the lake has been stocked again with Brook Trout. There shouldn't be many, if any, crappie in there now. I think I remember catching a small bass in there years ago too.

As for Whitestone, there are nice bass, but the panfish I've caught in there have always been very small, though I've never really targeted them.

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