Inspired at the Ellensburg FF Fair


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I got inspired talking with a couple tiers doing lake bugs at the Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair last weekend. What a cool event, btw. Anyway, I haven't fished a Six Pack in a few years but after watching one get tied, I went home and did the same. It was the only bug that caught fish for me yesterday at Nunnally.


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Nice ties, I think that second one with the red bead would be a good dragon nymph. I tied up a bunch of six packs and black carey's this winter, haven't had a chance to use them quite yet. I heard the fly fishing fair was great, had to work and couldn't attend. Maybe next year.



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Not meaning to be critical, but your bug doesn't look very much like a Sixpack. Here's a typical Sixpack as it was tied by Karl Haufler.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Nice ties pocket but man you do tie up some nice lake flies. Found some at Nunnally, good!.

What you doing the weekend of the 22nd?


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