Okanogon Area


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I fished Wed - Sunday last week in the Okanogan area. The weather looked a little iffy for Wed but in general the weather sucked for most of the time I was there. Left Bothell at 4:30 am and arrived at blue Lake around 10 am. It was raining and there was snow on the higher ridge tops. Sat in my truck until 1 pm and got on the water from 1:30 until 3:30 when the wind came up again. Caught 7 fish on the south end of the lake with the biggest being around 16 inches. Talked to a guy and his wife that were camping there and they told me the bigger fish were in the north end of the lake. I didn't get a chance to fish the deep water on the south end, that's were I usually catch the bigger fish. The wind came down quite a bit before dark but I was beat from the long drive and decided to call it a day.

Thur I fished Aneas. Got on the water about 10:30 am there was only one camper in the parking lot but no one fishing. I started fishing my intermediate line in the shallow water with no luck. Kicked around the 3/4 of the late and lake and decided to try my type 4 line in the deeper water. That did it, caught 6 fish in less than 1.5 hr all about 14 -16 inches. Got out to let my dogs out and eat some lunch when the wind and rain hit again. Went to town to buy some ice and wait out the weather with no such luck. Drove back to blue lake and camped for the evening. I talked to a guy that had fished Chopaka for the day and did well. He said the road was snow free and in good shape so I drove up and fished it from Fri - Sunday afternoon.

Chopaka - Fri - Sunday
Got on the water around 10:30 am and fish the deeper water with my type 4 line and did well. Didn't fish the may fly hatch because of the wind. The wind and the rain ended the day for me but I caught some nice fish in the limited time I was on the water. Sat was better. I started off in the deeper then went into the shallow end for the hatch. I caught three on dries which was good for me but some of the guys there did much better. Wind and rain drove me back to my camp but all in all a good day for me. Of course Sunday was a great day weather wise but I could only fish until 1 pm or so. I fished the deeper water again and the fish didn't disappoint. I lost about 6 fish or so, maybe I should have sharpened my hook. Who knows.
All in all a good first rainy trip to the Okee