Lake Merrill

We're heading up to Lake Merrill, taking the pontoons, rods and month's of pent-up energy from just watching fly fishing shows on TV. Has anyone been up there lately? Is it to early for new hatches? How is the water level and things like that? The weather should be awesome! I'll post pics. after we get back.
Water is high and cold, try a black wooly bugger as deep as you can get it and watch out for the resident eagle...he is stealing fish already.
You are right, the eagle does swoop down and try to steal fish. We found ourselves spotting for eachother when ever we had a fish on. We did however manage to catch several large, meaning 18" to 25" triploids and a few cutthroats. We used green leaches with a little shine in them on sink tips, and we caught them all day long! The lake level is high and the temp was around 51 degrees. The eagle is a pain in the ass but how many people can say they have been dive bombed by a bald eagle- freikin awsome!


Last year I watched an osprey that had a fish in its claws trying to dodge that eagle about 400ft above the lake. The osprey gave up, dropped the fish and the eagle caught it in a full dive at about 200 feet, midair!!!
No eagle sighted but I fished Merrill a week ago Sunday and this last Saturday for a few hours in early morning, had to get to work by noon. Saw a few alder flies...took 11 fish one day and 7 the other, only 5 were under 18"......all on a green size 10 seal-dubbed bead head bugger with some crystal flash in the tail (clipped short)....takes were mostly soft except for one 23" Triploid that hit hard and fought like a little steelhead! Geez ....pretty frisky for a planted fish. Caught mostly the newly planted larger trips with a few cutts and several smaller planted browns thrown in. Weather was good both days. Only boat on water till about 10:30 .....when I was leaving everyone else was launching.

ps I heard a serious buyer for the property on west and north ends of the lake is currently negotiating with the timber company owners.

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