Another morning at the office...

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Oh, I forgot. I'm retired.

Maybe I didn't mention this, but I love fishing for sea run cutthroat trout. They strike like lightning and never quit.

Thanks again to all of you who have been helping me on this journey.

There are clouds of pink salmon fry at LP, too.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
I'm sure I can speak for Dryflylarry and all of the rest of us retired fly fisherpersons when I say THANK YOU. We know your pain. But rest assured, your hard work, FICA contributions and Federal income taxes are being well spent on our part. What the Senate and Congress do with the rest, well, that part really hurts.

On the up side: the weather is going to be great this weekend. I hope you aren't committed to doing stuff around the house. Tides are good for mid-day fishing, lots of sun, the SRC's are definitely chowing down. And who knows, maybe there are a few beach bunnies around.

Side note: saw a really beautiful 10-12 lb chinook striking bait today. It completely cleared the water once. Beautiful fish with the sun shining off it. One day, maybe...

I hope you have some good fishing lined up.

Tight Lines.


Ed Call

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Karl, I'm not liking you too much today. Seriously though, every outing is deserved. I'm not sure that I agree with Colton that the working stiffs of today are paying for your fishing trips. I personally belive that hard work done in your days at "the office" have led to your retirement fishing trips. Regardless, I'm really not mad at you, amazed at your recent outings and success and jealous as hell. Keep it up, I'm a light shade of green wtih envy, there are many more shades to go!

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Colton, Ed and Ken,

To be really truthful, I would still be working with veterans if the VA hadn't gotten so screwed up. I miss the work and the vets but not the place. So, now I go fishing (or duck hunting or skeet shooting or work in my flowers or anything else I want to do).

I have read most of the posts from you guys over the past year and am amazed with your levels of expertise, knowledge and experience. In my case, a blind hog and an occasional acorn is a more likely comparison. I hope all of you are slinging lines sometime this weekend. The weather is absolutely wonderful. The tides are moving nicely. Fish are chowing down. I plan to be back out there on Monday. Oh, crap, there I go again... sorry.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Karl, you and your nefarious accomplice, Dry Fly Larry, are just killing us working (or out-of-the-area) stiffs. (And I'm not even going to mention the names of the other shameless flaunters here...we all know who you are anyway...)
I only have to stick it out 2 yrs & slightly less than 4 months, and counting down!
I tell ya this countdown obsession works great! Before I started counting down the days til my retirement, it seemed like the days were going by much too fast! Now, everything has slowed wa-a-a-a-y down!

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
When you pull the employment plug be sure to tell spouse, co-workers, bosses, friends, etc. exactly what you want for a retirement gift(s). In my case I came into retirement with a new Sage rod (6 wt) and Ross Evolution reel, spooled with SA Streamer express line. It's a great setup and felt like the true gift to launch with into retirement. Screw the gold watch. Who the hell needs a watch in retirement? Pointless. Never understood that logic.

Best wishes and a quick passage to your retirement. See you on the beach.


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