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Gary if you read those links I posted in one of them the guy points out that the majority of the sea floor is mud there for the first 100 feet or so, the 450 ton Blowout Preventer is using the pipe as it's sole support. This would be fine under normal circumstances but the volume of sand and aggregate that is coming out of the new well has been eroding the pipe wall enough that we are rapidly approaching a point when the pipe won't be able to support the BOP anymore. When that happens with the currents there it will topple and there will be no way to stop it until the relief holes are drilled and until then it'll be flowing all out and might even eject part of the 18,000' of the inner casing. Which has a best case scenario of August, more realistically December. He speculates that's part of the reason BP stopped the mud injection is that it was raising the pressure in a already very fragile line and if it was going to work at all should have worked within 4 hours and they were afraid it'd blow the inner casing further down. They are worth taking the time to read the first couple posts in them.

Another thing they bring out in another post is the pressure differential from when it started to now, if I remember the numbers right when it first started it was 9000 PSI at the bottom of the BOP and 2000 at the top, but now it's 4500 at the bottom and 3300 on top showing how much of the valves and such have eroded away that the BOP is no longer holding the pressure back as effectively.
My mom asked something worth thinking about last night.... How will this effect rainfall? I know its not going to be raining tar balls any time soon, but will this do anything to the rain? Limit it, absorb some of the chemicals from the oil, any thing else you guys could think of?
Fill up your bathtub 1/2 way with salt water. Dump a quart of used motor oil into it. Crank the shower on full blast and point a commercial leaf blower on full throttle at the water surface. I call this the south florida coastline during the upcoming hurricane season experiment. :)

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Vapors airborne in the area have made fishermen and boat crews sick. It makes reasonable sense that anything airborne can become trapped in moisture and put into circulation by wind, mist, even brought up into rain clouds for further widespread circulation. I'm not a climate or meterologist, but I bet it can happen. As for Be Jofus G's Hurricane Season Experiment, sounds like a potentially nasty situation. Rain, wind, storm surg all are a bit more nasty when each has some nice petroleum products in tow.


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OK. The latest REVISED number on the amount of oil leaking is up to 100,000 barrels a day folks! I'm happy now. That's what my initial estimate I had as probably a minimum. That, my friends, is 2916 (gpm) gallons per minute leaking! What a crime...


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Worse than but similar to the Obama administration giving the state ran oil company Petrobras in Brazil $2,000,000,000 to help them drill in deeper water than the DeepWater Horizon was drilling in 2 days after a friend of Obama invested $600,000,000 in the same company.

  • Friend of Obama invests $637,000,000.00 in foreign deep water drilling corporation.
  • Two days later the Obama administration gives the same foreign oil company $2,000,000,000.00 (that's Billion) to help them do more deepwater oil drilling at a depth 3 times deeper than BP was drilling.
  • Obama then bans American deep water drilling for 6 months crippling America's drilling industry while dramatically increasing the value of his friends investment.

must be a coincidence...

George Soros created the:
Center for American Progress provided just that; it's a progressive policy think tank that believes in "government that champions the common good over narrow self-interest" and they have heavy influence on this administration.

Bloomberg reported that the Center for American Progress "helped build the platform that triumphed in the 2008 campaign" and Time Magazine noted that "not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan's transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway."

At the head of Obama's transition team was John Podesta. He's also the founder of Center for American Progress, a former Clinton administration official and the guy who not only laid out the plan for how the Obama team would be put together, he staffed the senior levels of the White House, Cabinet members and the top layer at government agencies.

With that kind of influence — and we'll show you more evidence of that influence coming up — it's important to look at what Soros is investing in. Could there possibly be any, what do they call them, conflicts of interest?

Through his Soros Fund Management hedge fund, Soros is heavily invested in many different things. But one that caught my attention (and seemingly no one else's) recently is Petrobras. What is that? It's Brazil's state-controlled oil behemoth. It's Brazil's version of Big Oil. They've netted $15 billion in profits during the last year. As of March 31 this year, SEC filings show Soros Fund has $637 million vested in Petrobras. Last December, the fund had $900 million invested in the company, making Petrobras one of its two largest stakes.

What did Soros see in these guys that the rest of the world didn't? Is he just that much smarter than everyone else? Or is it possible because of Center for American Progress and all the other connections Soros has at the White House, he knew that the administration would be making a $2 billion "preliminary commitment" to Petrobras for "exploration," just days after he strengthened his investment? Or was that just another one of those bad luck situations for Obama? Because it certainly doesn't seem to pass the smell test: A billionaire investor dumps money into state-controlled Brazilian oil company and days later administration dumps $2 billion dollars into the same exact company? Now the administration is crippling the American competitors and the biggest winner in this is Petrobras.

Mind you, this is a multi-billion dollar company that rakes in tens of billions in profits each year. Why in the world would these guys need a loan? And why are we investing in another country's offshore drilling while banning ours?
So much is standing out between the lines but it must just be coincidence... It couldn't be that Obama has fumbled this BP disaster so much to help the man who is buddies with the guy (John Pedesta) who set up his White House staff, who is coincidentally brother to BP's lobbyist Tony Pedesta. The funny thing is Tony and John Pedesta have a lobbying firm together, yet within this same lobbying firm one is lobbying to punish BP while the other is lobbying to not punish BP, weird huh? Two people, brothers and co founders in the same company lobbying opposite sides of the same incident? Oh but wait Tony Pedesta has another client the fair and unbiased non liberal agenda NBC who refuses to touch this story unlike the biased non news Fox News channel. Hmmm MSNBC has no conflict of interest, agenda or bias in the way it presents it's news stories when the lobbying firm they hired also works in the Obama administration. What a strange group of coincidences....

Oh yeah the 2 billion dollars the Obama administration is giving Petrobas, it's so that they can start drilling in the Tupi oil field over 16,400 feet below the ocean surface and another oil field over 20,600 feet below the ocean surface, this is before they start drilling into the ocean floor, you know, since it's too dangerous to start to drill 5,000 feet below the surface in American waters. And Obama has a 6 month ban on offshore drilling. How convenient since Brazil can start production there with the conveniently and unplanned now out of work drilling rigs in American waters. Man these coincidences of the Obama administration, you know it's almost like they aren't letting a crisis go to waste.


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Your last post is way over the top for a fly fishing forum. Just my .02
"Two wrongs, don't make a right"
In a thread that is barely fishing related and more an anti BP b**ch fit it, it fits fine because it raises an important question.

Why is the administration that says offshore drilling 5,000 feet underwater too dangerous to the environment off our shore but funding offshore drilling 3 to 4 times deeper underwater off the shore of another country? Oh and by pure coincidence it'll help a friend of the president instituting the policy get billions of dollars.

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