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FE is quoting Glen Beck. The U.S. Import - Export bank committed that 2 Billion loan in August, 2009. To conclude that it is related to the fallout of the gulf spill is beyond ludicrous. Of course, Glen Beck's incisive fantasy is in no way related to big oil's push back on the gulf drilling shutdown.

100,000 gallons a day and counting. The environmental loss & ecological toll yet to be counted.


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Gary Thompson is right. Why don't you FE, skip the political bullshit and go count the dead fish in the Gulf or something. Why don't you go to a political site and vent your frustrations? Maybe you can do some of your "in-depth" research and find out some information about Puget Sound oil threats to our fish here. Just cut your bs man. You're in the wrong forum.


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The President of the US does not have the authority without the express permission of the Congress to commit $2B to anything. That's ignorance talking with a political ax to grind.
In a thread that is barely fishing related and more an anti BP b**ch fit it, it fits fine because it raises an important question.

Why is the administration that says offshore drilling 5,000 feet underwater too dangerous to the environment off our shore but funding offshore drilling 3 to 4 times deeper underwater off the shore of another country? Oh and by pure coincidence it'll help a friend of the president instituting the policy get billions of dollars.
Eh? It was fising related. Well, it was until it turned into a copy paste political propagnda fest. :rofl: We got it man. You think Obama is a pile of sheit. I guess my question is, what is worse, being a pile of sheit or being the guy who walks around a horse pasture pointing at every piece of sheit he sees?

WooHooo look at me, I found a big pile of poo poo guys! I think this one has corn in it!


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That's ignorance talking with a political ax to grind.
We know one thing for sure; it is ignorance talking. Whether there is enough intelligence to grind an ax. I am not so sure.

You mean to tell me Beck isn't always truthful or for that matter any of the right wing shills or even any of the left wingnuts.

Gawd, this has turned into one useless piece of horse manure no matter who is walking in the field finding corn nuggets.

The gulf is now well lubricated and some on here would like to do the same to our collective asshole.

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Paul, thanks for keeping us on target here. I just got my Plaquemines Fly Guides T Shirt in support of those along the Louisiana coastline. My co-workers are all wondering about the shirt. I just point them in the direction of the BP updates and let them decide for themselves. I'm sure that, regrettably, we'll see many more storms push through the gulf that can further exasperate the oil spill problem, which is still leaking heavily. Day 75 and counting? We still have anyone in denial that this mess is going to be a long term problem? Any over-under on the longevity of BP?

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