No More Wild Steelhead Sold at Pike Place market


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Now that is totally cool. I sent a nasty gram to them earlier. Now I will have to write another note praising their effort and for taking a stand on wild fish conservation.
Im glad that I started this whole topic last winter when I took the photo. I took the photo at PPFM of the wild steel head for 6.99 per LB. Im glad that the greater good is looking to preserve this magestic fish for future generations. Thanks for the follow up Chris....

Ed Call

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Ringlee, thanks for shining the light on the subject. I'll follow my previous WTF email with a Thank You for listening one now!

Nate Dutton

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I know its a small victory, but gosh dangit it sure does make you feel good about people once again! :) Good on you Pike Place, i know where my next fish or crab purchase will be!
Great news, and I posted on their blog to that effect. Save for a few exceptions, 'keeping' a wild Steelhead here in Oregon (as in Washington) is a major 'No-No.' There are exceptions (Rogue River you can keep up to five during the Winter), but even 'giving' a legal fish to a neighbor requires some interesting paper work to stay within the printed game regulations.
Finally, they listened and got some of the facts. Thanks to everyone who made there point and took action, this is the type of willingness wild steelhead need. Great news going into the Wild Steelhead Coalition Banquet tonight.

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