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So, will someone explain how it is easier to cast a 12'er vs a 15'er ?:confused:
Line control , which is better ??
I'll start with it's much easier to fish a long rod short than it is to fish a short rod long -
The spey forum is crawling...Barely-
Discuss amongst yerselves...:rofl: I'm getting a bit verklempt...
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All comes down to how far and deep you want to fish. I'm not much of a short-mid-long belly guy but I'm pretty sure you can cast skagit lines with heavy tips and big flies further with longer rods with less skill/effort than it takes to do the same with shorter rods.


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I'm not much of a short-mid-long belly guy but I'm pretty sure you can cast skagit lines with heavy tips and big flies further with longer rods with less skill/effort than it takes to do the same with shorter rods

Well of course, isn't that the point of having long rods vs. shorter rods and long belly lines vs. compact skagits? If anyone thinks its as easy to throw t-14 with a dumbell leach w/ an 11 footer as it is with a 14 footer, well, you're high as shit. Its splendid to walk on the river with a 12 foot rod and a mid to long belly floater and feel the love. I'm simply not going to walk on to a big river and throw t-14 with a 12 footer when I can make it much more pleasurable with a 14 footer.


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i do it just fine on my 13 footer no probs at all, but who knows maybe that extra foot makes it that much easyer i dont know, id say get what feels the best in your hands.
It comes down to one thing and on thing only the skill of the person doing the fishing.
I have taught people to cast long belly lines on short rods.
Others wanted to cast large flies on short rods with full 24 ft. Big Boy Sink Tips.
Yes is can and is being done all over the planet.

Rule of thumb is what every you desire.
The longer the rod the more line control you have that is a given it is a longer lever.:ray1:

The Size of mass you casting is function of the spine of the rod and line you want to use.

Turn over a big fly you should have big line
The question is how big of line T-14 weighs it at 14 grains.
The mating belly of line should be at least on grain per foot over the sink tip.

So you main belly at the point where are attaching the Sink Tip must be 15 grains or better.
The length of mating belly should be long enough to make up the the weight to turn over the mass you have attached to it.

Last not the longer a rod the more forgiving it is and the smaller in diameter the main belly is makes the controlling the spey maneuvers easier.

If you would like to know more seem at The Day On The River Saturdays at Fall City..

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There is a right way, hell, I'm doomed. I've got rods that use two hands from 11' to 14'3" I find a line that works for me on them and I try to fish that combo. Thinking about it all too much makes my head hurt. A wise man told me during a day on the river to find a line that works with the rod and learn it, stop switching setups and just fish that pair together to do whatever you want. Leland is a smart man.


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long rods are good for what they're good for, as are shorties.
Both are hard to learn with the wrong mindset, very easy with the right help and some practice.

I tried out the Burkie 18'3" 10/11/12 yesterday; it gave me shpilkis in my genechtagazoink. So now I'm in Boca Raton, Florida recovering nicely, thank you very much.

BTW, listen to Aaron.


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Why would you use a 14 footer on a river like the Grand Ronde When you could and should use a 11/12 footer. Would you fish a 16 ft. rod on Oregon coastal rivers? Of course a bigger rod will always work, but in my opinion, you want to fish the shortest rod possible for the application without having to work too hard. Why? The same reason I don't fish a 9 wt single hander on a small cuttroat stream. Basically, your question is why I have a shop of rods and counting.

stewart dee

I like shorties with Skagit lines and 14 to 15 foot sticks for summertime long lines. The Sharks better win the Cup!
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