Touchet, Tucannon Rivers


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What do you guys know about SE washington for trout, in rivers like the Touchet or Tucannon? I briefly fished there last fall, and the Touchet was extremely intriguing, rivaling Rocky Ford in terms of numbers of insects, and gave some huge trout for such a tiny stream, in one hour of fishing in the heart of Dayton. If anyone has info, it would be much appriciated. Thanks-

Flyfisher Frank

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Jonduke, don't have any info to share yet but I have been interested in the blue mountain streams too. Let us know if you find out anything,OK? Looking forward to going there this summer perhaps during the Persied meteor showers in August. Thanks, Frank


Fished the Tucannon two years ago. Went in Sept. when the rivers were low. It was hot. Not the fishing. Caught a lot of fish in the 8 to 10" bracket. Lots of access on upper river. Lots of private property on lower river,but they let you cross it if you respect it. Every so often there is a gate for access to the river. I went to that area just to get away from the rat race. Had a good time. Used the same flies I usually use.