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lunatic trout bum
went out monday. fished pretty well. We lost a couple oinkers, landed a couple in the 3-4 lb class plus some in the 1-2lb area. Was using a leechy/damsel type thing and got the big ones. Couple on drys, as there was plenty of rising going on. good luck :thumb:
Munn was stocked last week or so with another 500 "jumbos", and the same number of catchables, so added to what survived from the first few plantings, it should be excellent.

By the way, we are in the process of fund raising for a fall plant so we'll have good fishing all winter. We won't have to pay for the fish, rather the food to hold them over the summer for a good stocking level when the water cools off again.

South Sound Fly Fishers is working with Larry Phillips of WDFW to keep this a quality fishery.

You can contact me here with a PM, or just mail donations to:

South Sound Fly Fishers
Munn Lake Project
PO Box 2792
Olympia, WA 98507

We've already received some donations, and hope this will work better than putting up a donation box, which is the other alternative. I'm afraid the drop off box would have to be built like Fort Knox to be safe.

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